Winners : Travel Photography Awards 2014


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Winners : Travel Photography Awards 2014

  1. 1. “Faces of the Holi” – Lluís Salvadó 1
  2. 2. Portfolio: Faces of the Holi Description: Each year, with the arrival of spring, India is flooded with color. Green harmony, vitality blue, red of passion and orange from optimism. A party full of colors and water with a religious background. An event which also celebrated the spring with an explosion of vitality, prior to the long months of lethargy produced by the stifling heat that paralyzes the Indian population during the summer. I took these photos during 2014's Holi Festival in Nandgaon, Vrindavan and Bikaner, India. Photographer: Lluís Salvadó 2 Professional Category-1st place
  3. 3. “Faces of the Holi” – Lluís Salvadó 3
  4. 4. “Faces of the Holi” – Lluís Salvadó 4
  5. 5. “Faces of the Holi” – Lluís Salvadó 5
  6. 6. “Faces of the Holi” – Lluís Salvadó 6
  7. 7. Professional Category-2nd place “Novices of Myanmar” – Malcolm Fackender 7
  8. 8. Portfolio: Novices of Myanmar Description: Myanmar is one of the most devout Buddhist countries in the world, accounting for approximately 90% of the population. It is customary for males to enter the monastery twice in their lives, once as a young Novice, and secondly as an adult fully ordained Monk. Photographer: Malcolm Fackender 8
  9. 9. “Novices of Myanmar” – Malcolm Fackender 9
  10. 10. “Novices of Myanmar” – Malcolm Fackender 10
  11. 11. “Novices of Myanmar” – Malcolm Fackender 11
  12. 12. “Novices of Myanmar” – Malcolm Fackender 12
  13. 13. Professional Category-3rd place “A Journey Through Middle Earth” – Jason Law 13
  14. 14. Portfolio: A Journey Through Middle Earth Description: A two week journey through the heart of the North Island of New Zealand lead to some wonderful moments of light and adventure. From spending several nights camping out alone high up on the harsh volcanic environment of Tongariro National Park, highlighted by the world famous Tongariro Crossing Day walk, through to unknown bush bashing to find the beautiful entrance to moss ladened Te Whaiti-Nui-A-Toi Canyon in the pristine Whirinaki Forest. New Zealand is simply a travelers delight with the freedom to explore a spectacular diverse landscape at ones leisure. I am blessed to live in, and photograph such a special place and this portfolio is a small collection of moments and thoughts from this journey. Photographer: Jason Law 14
  15. 15. “A Journey Through Middle Earth” – Jason Law 15
  16. 16. “A Journey Through Middle Earth” – Jason Law 16
  17. 17. “A Journey Through Middle Earth” – Jason Law 17
  18. 18. “A Journey Through Middle Earth” – Jason Law 18
  19. 19. Amateur Category-1st place “A Journey Through Middle Earth” – Jason Law 19
  20. 20. Portfolio: My Luminous Diary - Myanmar Description: Light is everything. The capture of light for an instant in space. The moment of time when life is frozen. The luminosity of the smallest things compared to the incomprehensible vastness on this planet. Theses photographs are my recordings from Myanmar , the observations as a traveler of the various plays of light at dawn , dusk and rest of the day. Photographer: Sesh Sareday 20
  21. 21. “A Journey Through Middle Earth” – Jason Law 21
  22. 22. “A Journey Through Middle Earth” – Jason Law 22
  23. 23. “A Journey Through Middle Earth” – Jason Law 23
  24. 24. “A Journey Through Middle Earth” – Jason Law 24
  25. 25. Amateur Category-2nd place “Citizens of Earth” – Clint Burkinshaw 25
  26. 26. Photo: Monk in the Light Portfolio: Citizens of Earth Description: I thought I'd submit a portfolio of portraits, dedicated to the many different inhabitants of our world, and how important it is to preserve both the culture and species. Photographer: Clint Burkinshaw 26
  27. 27. “Citizens of Earth” – Clint Burkinshaw 27
  28. 28. “Citizens of Earth” – Clint Burkinshaw 28
  29. 29. “Citizens of Earth” – Clint Burkinshaw 29
  30. 30. “Citizens of Earth” – Clint Burkinshaw 30
  31. 31. Amateur Category-3rd place “The Children....” – John Moulds 31
  32. 32. Portfolio: The Children.... Description: Groups of children from different parts of Vietnam showing differing reactions to being photographed. Photographer: John Moulds 32
  33. 33. “The Children....” – John Moulds 33
  34. 34. “The Children....” – John Moulds 34
  35. 35. “The Children....” – John Moulds 35
  36. 36. “The Children....” – John Moulds 36
  37. 37. HP People's Choice Award-1st place “Magical Moorea Tahiti” – Adam Duffy 37
  38. 38. Portfolio: Magical Moorea Tahiti Description: Heaven on earth! Moorea boasts jagged peaks, cloaked by lush landscape and encircled by the deep blue of the ocean and sky, also rich with an abundance of sealife is everyone's dream of Polynesia. On one side lies exquisite Cook's Bay, and the other a deep and equally entrancing Opunohu Bay. Their waiting arms reach up to embrace you. Which way do you go? There is only one way to make the choice... Go to Moorea and experience the magic! Photographer: Adam Duffy 38
  39. 39. “Magical Moorea Tahiti” – Adam Duffy 39
  40. 40. “Magical Moorea Tahiti” – Adam Duffy 40
  41. 41. “Magical Moorea Tahiti” – Adam Duffy 41
  42. 42. ““Magical Moorea Tahiti” – Adam DuffyMagical Moorea Tahiti” – Adam Duffy 42
  43. 43. Chris McLennan Rookie Award -1st place “Unique Namibia” – Alexandre Suplicy 43
  44. 44. Portfolio: Unique Namibia Description: In the southern Africa, Namibia is a unique place. It holds a breathtaking variety of landscapes such as deserts, coast, savanna, mountains and much more. It is also impressive by its culture. This is Namibia through my lens. Photographer: Alexandre Suplicy 44
  45. 45. ““Unique Namibia” – Alexandre SuplicyUnique Namibia” – Alexandre Suplicy 45
  46. 46. “Unique Namibia” – Alexandre Suplicy 46
  47. 47. “Unique Namibia” – Alexandre Suplicy 47
  48. 48. “Unique Namibia” – Alexandre Suplicy 4808/14/2014 王文堯 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from Travel Photography Awards. THE END