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MH17: The Tragic Journey


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  • 3 Where is the 'piling'
    6 What makes you think their 'scavenging'.
    7 'Piled up' yes they 'arranged' to fit on the truck otherwise they would need 200 trucks
    8 Where's the 'tossing' How do you know?
    10 There is a war in progress. 'Flies' of course there are flies
    11 The true nature of their treatment. Flowers are laid with each body as it's placed into the truck
    14 Who are they blocking and how do you know their 'blocking'. The picture appears more to show the general scenario. Getting a bit carried away aren't you.
    16 'Plucking'???. So how would you lift a corpse?
    17 Where's the 'Dumping' it ain't video
    18 18 days, Noooo that ain't true
    19-20-21- etc. To condemn without proof is the act of an idiot.

    Australian Government Official on the Australian Broadcasting Network.
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  • Esto no debe pasar en el mundo, es una falta de respeto gravísimo a la humanidad, el mundo no es de venganzas sino de unidad, progreso, amor y paz.
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  • Indrukwekkend
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  • Contraste entre a falta de respeito com os mortos por parte dos rebeldes e a recepção dos restos mortais com todas as honras. Muito triste o desrespeito com que foi tratado no local da queda, prejudicando ,inclusive, que se fizesse uma investigação decente.
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  • evrything has got its own time. these people will never go un punished. the living God is hearing the cries of his children.
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MH17: The Tragic Journey

  1. 1 MH17: The Tragic Journey
  2. 2
  3. Row on row: The bagged victims were gathered and piled onto vehicles before being taken to a train station in rebel-held Torez, nine miles from the crash site 3
  4. Bodies of victims are placed in plastic sacks by the side of the road at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine, on Saturday. | AP 4
  5. 5
  6. 6 Local Hrabove residents are seen scavenging the crash site of MH17.
  7. Piled up: Rescue workers are pictured above at the MH17 crash site in Grabovo, eastern Ukraine, moving bodies onto trucks 7
  8. Loading up: The rescue workers were seen holding up the back of the truck with a stick while the bodies were tossed on board 8
  9. Aftermath: Black bags are still being taken from the crash site by rescue workers 9
  10. Horrifying: The international community has expressed outrage over the undignified scene - with swarms of flies buzzing around the train 10
  11. Dirty work: Some of the emergency services laid flowers on the bagged-up bodies, as outrage at their treatment intensified across the world 11
  12. 12
  13. Cleared: Two workers prepare the vehicle for the corpses at a crash site in Grabovo 13
  14. Armed pro-Russian separatists block the way to the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, near the village of Grabove, in the region of Donetsk 14
  15. In the heat: Emergency workers were pictured today at the crash site still struggling to gather together the last bodies of victims 15
  16. Hauling: Workers are pictured yesterday at the crash site plucking and bagging up remains of victims 16
  17. Horrifying: The bodies are dumped in rubbish trucks by rescue workers. Despite criticism, militiamen insist they are doing everything they can for the dead 17
  18. Hauling: Rescue workers spent hours upon hours moving bodies around the site, which had lain where they fell for days 18
  19. Efforts: Emergency workers have now recovered the vast majority of victims bodies from the crash site 19
  20. Chaotic: Armed guards and investigators were seen yesterday at the crash site as pressure intensified to deal with the bodies approriately 20
  21. Putrefied: Reporters on the scene struggle against the overwhelming smell of the dead bodies 21
  22. Stench: Even the pro-Russian separatists had a hard time dealing with the presence of so many decomposing bodies 22
  23. Escort: A Dutch forensics expert, centre in blue and orange, was seen flanked by armed men coming back from the train carriages 23
  24. Tributes: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko left flowers outside the Dutch embassy in Kiev 24
  25. Inside: Investigators wearing face masks were seen walking through the carriage containing the massed corpses 25
  26. Clambering in: Monitors were allowed in on Monday, as forensics experts were promised the train would be on the move by afternoon 26
  27. Horror: An inspector from the OSCE international body covers her mouth and nose as she stands in front of the morgue train loaded high with corpses 27
  28. Stench: A rebel can be seen holding his nose as the door to a carriage containing the heaped bodies is opened 28
  29. Open access: Locals in Ukraine were yesterday seen walking up and down the train containing the bodies of the MH17 victims 29
  30. Taking a look: Despite the presence of armed guards, Ukrainian citizens and their families seemed able to walk right up to the carriages 30
  31. On guard: The rebels were today in control of the area around Torez train station, but onlookers were allowed to walk right up to the carriages 31
  32. Finally: The refrigerated train carrying the bodies of MH17 crash victims has finally set off from rebel-held Torez in eastern Ukraine four days after the disaster 32
  33. Remains: The train is carrying the bodies of 282 victims and 87 fragments from a further 16, Ukrainian officials said. The rest were incinerated 33
  34. Luggage: As pro-Russian separatists prepared the train to set off from the station in Torez, the passengers' luggage was also driven over from the site 34
  35. Dutch forensics arrived at the site to identify the bodies that will now be handed to officials in the Netherlands, which lost 173 civilians 35
  36. Almost 200 victims were piled high in the sweltering heat in eastern Ukraine in the village near Grabovo controlled by pro-Russian separatists 36
  37. International Experts Hold Minute Of Silence For Crash Victims 37
  38. A train carrying bodies of the MH17 victims arrives in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. 38
  39. Macabre delivery: Police officers secure the refrigerated train as it arrives at a Kharkiv tank factory before the bodies are loaded onto planes and flown back to the Netherlands. 39
  40. Finally Shown Some Respect 40
  41. A Boeing C-17 of the Royal Australian Air Force at Eindhoven Airbase where it is waiting to fly the first bodies back to the Netherlands where the MH17 flight took off. 41
  42. Ready: A transport plane that will be used to carry the remains of the victims of Malaysia Airlines MH17 downed over rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine, is parked on the tarmac before heading to the Netherlands. 42
  43. Mourning: The Dutch flag flies at half mast on the parliament building in The Hague. The Dutch government has declared today a day of national mourning for the victims of the MH187 disaster. 43
  44. Journey: The first bodies of those killed in the MH17 massacre have been loaded on to a cargo plane ready to be transported to Eindhoven in the Netherlands for a tortuous identification process that could take months. 44
  45. A worker uses a forklift to load bodies on to the Royal Australian Air Force Boeing C-17 plane, ready to be transported to the . 45
  46. Tribute: Ukrainian officials attend a farewell ceremony next the transport plane that will be used to carry the remains of some of the victims of MH17 later today(23 July) 46
  47. Solemn: Four bodies are carried up to a transport plane during a ceremony at Kharkiv airport this morning. The bodies are being flown to the Netherlands after being recovered from the MH17 crash sitel. 47
  48. Salute: Dignitaries from the Netherlands, (Hans Docter, the Dutch Ambassador, third from left) and Australia (ambassador Gene Dunn, left of Mr Docter; Colonel Peter Steel, saluting in black hat; and retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, saluting in green hat) watch as the coffin of an MH17 victim is carried towards the plane 48
  49. Heading to the Netherlands: Honour guards load a coffin of one of the victims of Malaysia Airlines MH17 on to a transport plane. 49
  50. Tragic journey: A Dutch C130 aircraft carrying 16 bodies leaves Ukrainian soil bound for the Netherlands following a ceremony at Kharkiv aiport this morning. The plane is the first of a series of flights to the Netherlands transporting MH17 victims from the crash site 50
  51. Flags - including that of Malaysia (centre) were seen flying at half mast as the convoy of hearses made their way from Eindhoven military air base. 51
  52. Released: The bodies of 40 victims arrived at Eindhoven airport on two military planes - one of them this Dutch Air Force C-130 Hercules - earlier this afternoon. 52
  53. Salute: A Dutch military musician plays the Last Post at the airbase in Eindhoven as the victims' bodies are placed into hearses 53
  54. The dignified reception at Eindhoven airport was in stark contrast to the treatment of the victims' remains in eastern Ukraine in the days after the crash. 54
  55. Family members of the victims killed in Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 plane disaster react as hearses carrying the victims arrive to be identified 55
  56. 56 Tears: Queen Maxima of the Netherlands wipes away a tear as the bodies of victims of the MH17 crash are removed from an air force transport plane and placed in hearses at Eindhoven airport
  57. King Willem-Alexander, second left, Queen Maxima, third left, and Prime Minister Mark Rutte, third right, observe a moment of silence during a ceremony to mark the return of the first bodies of passengers and crew killed in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. 57
  58. A convoy of hearses containing the remains of 40 victims of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 disaster drives past international flags as it leaves Eindhoven airport en route to a military base in nearby Hilversum 58
  59. 59 A convoy of hearses carrying coffins containing the remains of victims of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 drives from the Eindhoven Airbase to Hilversum.
  60. A row of hearses carrying victims killed aboard Flight MH17 plane disaster arrives in Hilversum, where forensic experts will begin the painstaking task of identifying the bodies and returning them to their loved ones. 60
  61. Condolences: A woman lights a candle outside the Embassy of theCondolences: A woman lights a candle outside the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kiev to commemorate victims of Malaysia Airlines FlightNetherlands in Kiev to commemorate victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.MH17. 61
  62. 7/23/2014 王文堯 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from Daily Mail,NBS News,Yahoo News,Internet,..etc.. THE END 62