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National Geographic’s Archives Released to Celebrate 125th Anniversary(2)


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National Geographic’s Archives Released to Celebrate 125th Anniversary(2)

  1. 1. A replica of the Mayflower sails into New York Harbor with a welcoming fleet, November 1957.PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICNever-before-seen images from National Geographic’s Archives Released to Celebrate 125th Anniversary(2)1Hand Click
  2. 2. Thomas Jefferson at Mount Rushmore under construction, 1939.Thomas Jefferson at Mount Rushmore under construction, 1939.Learn more about the making of Mt. Rushmore.Learn more about the making of Mt. Rushmore. 2
  3. 3. Bathers read magazines near shoreline while floating in the Dead Sea, December 1964.PHOTOGRAPH BY LUIS MARDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 3
  4. 4. Soldiers at Camp Shelby military base in Mississippi dance with local girls, July 1941.PHOTOGRAPH BY J. BAYLOR ROBERTS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 4
  5. 5. Sheik Jacob Boukhari poses for a photographin Jerusalem, December 1927.PHOTOGRAPH BY MAYNARD OWENWILLIAMS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC5
  7. 7. Three British sailors drape themselves with their soccer jerseys in Trinidad, June1942.PHOTOGRAPH BY LUIS MARDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC7
  8. 8. Narrow streets and streetcar in Lisbon, Portugal. Tips on mastering composition in your photographs.PHOTOGRAPH BY W. ROBERT MOORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8
  9. 9. Vistors sit on an overlook to see scenic views in Yellowstone National Park, June 1940.PHOTOGRAPH BY EDWIN L. WISHERD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC9
  10. 10. Swiss men playing 12-foot-long alpenhorns at amidsummer Alpine Festival in Switzerland, 1973.PHOTOGRAPH BY JAMES P. BLAIR, NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC10
  11. 11. Fishing nets dry in the early morning sunlight in a Macao harbor around 1931, the yearphotographer W. Robert Moore began his career at National Geographic.PHOTOGRAPH BY W. ROBERT MOORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC11
  12. 12. Close view of a pet cat named Goldie, July 1972.PHOTOGRAPH BY BRUCE DALE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC12
  13. 13. Dolphins seen from above jump in the wake of a passing ship, 1918.PHOTOGRAPH BY W. C. MOORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC13
  14. 14. A large group of peasants pose at the Geneva folk costume festival inSwitzerland.14
  15. 15. Landing signal officer and assistant wear experimental ear protection aboard the USS Midway, August 1955.PHOTOGRAPH BY LUIS MARDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 15
  16. 16. With a harbor view, a teataster samples from cups spread upon a table in Baltimore, Maryland, September 1964.PHOTOGRAPH BY BATES LITTLEHALES, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC16
  17. 17. A bird’s-eye view of a training Air Corps plane in Texas.PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY U.S. WAR DEPARTMENT17
  18. 18. South Africans relax on a sunny, cabana-lined beach in Cape Town, South Africa, August 1953.PHOTOGRAPH BY DR. GILBERT H. GROSVENOR, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 18
  19. 19. Children circle around an ultraviolet lamp to get a dose of vitamin D in Murmansk, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, August 1977.PHOTOGRAPH BY DEAN CONGER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 19
  20. 20. Two actresses at Delphi Festival adorn costumes of classical Greece, December 1930.PHOTOGRAPH BY MAYNARD OWEN WILLIAMS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 20
  21. 21. The post office and general store in Castolon, Texas.PHOTOGRAPH BY LUIS MARDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 21
  22. 22. People play in water off Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico, December1962.PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC22
  23. 23. Tourists in the old town hall of Bremen look up at amodel ship in Germany, January 1969.PHOTOGRAPH BY JAMES P. BLAIR, NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC23
  24. 24. Servicewomen read National Geographic Magazine at a beauty parlor in Illinois.PHOTOGRAPH BY LUIS MARDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 24
  25. 25. A man shows tribal scars on his back in theDemocratic Republic of the Congo, November 1919.PHOTOGRAPH BY E. TORDAY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC25
  26. 26. Portrait of three peasant women in traditional clothing on a farm in Hungary, 1930.PHOTOGRAPH BY HANS HILDENBRAND, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC26
  27. 27. Swimmers walk in shallow clear waters beneathhuge rocks, British Virgin Islands, November 1966.PHOTOGRAPH BY WINFIELD PARKS, NATIONALGEOGRAPHIC27
  28. 28. Victoria amazonica water lilies can reach 20 feet in circumference and support up to 300pounds each. Perching children atop the massive leaves was all the rage in water gardensof the time. Salem, North Carolina, c. 1892.PHOTOGRAPH BY FRANK HEGE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 28
  29. 29. A couple seated in a living room looks out a window at skiers on lawn in Duluth,Minnesota, September 1949.PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART AND JACK E. FLETCHER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC29
  30. 30. Yachts with spinnakers set cruise off Point Loma on glinting bay in San Diego, July 1969.PHOTOGRAPH BY JAMES L. AMOS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC30
  31. 31. Dogs help a Scottish gamekeeper keep watch in Aberfoyle, Scotland, March 1919.PHOTOGRAPH BY WILLIAM REID, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC31
  32. 32. A man repairs a light on the Golden Gate Bridgein San Francisco, August 1938.PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART,NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC32
  33. 33. Muscles ripple as an Arabian steed rears above its trainer in Jordan, December 1964.PHOTOGRAPH BY LUIS MARDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC33
  34. 34. The interior of La Compania Church in Quito, Ecuador, January 1929.PHOTOGRAPH BY JACOB J. GAYER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 34
  35. 35. Miners with knee pads in West Virginia, March 1938.PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 35
  36. 36. Two boys pose on a balcony with the Tenerife port in the background in Puerto Orotava, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, May 1930.PHOTOGRAPH BY WILHELM TOBIEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC36
  37. 37. A man feeds donkey sulla flowers and foliage from its own load near Gangi, Sicily, Italy, January1955.PHOTOGRAPH BY LUIS MARDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC37
  38. 38. Travelers look at a glass dome on a stainless-steel train car, April 1947PHOTOGRAPH BY WILLARD CULVER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC38
  39. 39. A boy between two mountedlobsters caught off the New Jerseycoast, February 1915.PHOTOGRAPH BY WALTER L.BEASLEY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC39
  40. 40. Daredevil water skiers ride a foamy wake through a rock tunnel off St. George’s Bay, Beirut, Lebanon, April 1958.PHOTOGRAPH BY THOMAS J. ABERCROMBIE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 40
  41. 41. A tourist stops to get directions from a cop in New Mexico.PHOTOGRAPH BY LUIS MARDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC41
  42. 42. Boys exploring cave with flashlights look up in wonder near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, March1957.42
  43. 43. Three women watch the rushing waters of Rainbow Falls in Hilo, Hawaii.PHOTOGRAPH BY RICHARD HEWITT STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC43
  44. 44. Vendors and pedestrians along a steepstaircase in Hong Kong, November1934.PHOTOGRAPH BY W. ROBERT MOORE,NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC44
  45. 45. A test engineer prepares to stride forward as a man would in the low gravity of the lunar surface atNASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia.PHOTOGRAPH BY NASA 45
  46. 46. A herd of aligned giraffes walk across savanna grass in Africa, May 1910.PHOTOGRAPH BY A. DUGMORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 46
  47. 47. Twins drift on raft in lake water in front of medieval castle in Sirmione, Italy, July1968.PHOTOGRAPH BY JOE SCHERSHEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 47
  48. 48. Louis Leakey and his family inspect the campsite of an early hominid in Tanzania, November 1961.PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT SISSON, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 48
  49. 49. A woman stands before limestone cliffs in the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, September 1934.PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC49
  50. 50. Four boys bob for apples in Martinsburg, West Virginia, 1939.PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC50
  51. 51. A couple rides in a motorboat on Lake Villarrica in Chile, July 1941.PHOTOGRAPH BY W. ROBERT MOORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 51
  52. 52. Rear Admiral Robert E. Peary dressedin the fur clothing he wore for theArctic expedition, September 1938.PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT E. PEARY,NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC52
  53. 53. A locomotive and two coaches of the “Atlantic” in railroad exhibit near Baltimore, Maryland, November 1927.PHOTOGRAPH BY CHARLES MARTIN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC53
  54. 54. Leaping skills make Doberman pinschers into great “police dogs.” Rushville, Indiana, December 1941.PHOTOGRAPH BY WILLARD CULVER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 54
  55. 55. Girls eat large swirls of cotton candy inCopenhagen, Denmark, January 1963.PHOTOGRAPH BY GILBERT M. GROSVENOR,NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC55
  57. 57. Tourists look at Manhattan from a sightseeing boat on the East River, December 1954.PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT SISSON, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 57
  58. 58. Swimming lessons are part of these undergraduates’ curriculum at Tulane University in New Orleans, April 1930.PHOTOGRAPH BY EDWIN L. WISHERD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC58
  59. 59. Three grinning men smoke from intricately carved pipes in Austria, January 1961.PHOTOGRAPH BY VOLKMAR K. WENTZEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 59
  60. 60. Carson City firemen play cards while awaiting a call, January 1946.PHOTOGRAPH BY W. ROBERT MOORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICTHE END60