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  1. 1. E nd poverty together.Done By: Laurence Jing Jie & Daryl
  2. 2. Content• Introduction to• Measures of• Impact of their venture• Credits of sources
  3. 3. Who are they?They’re an international organization,working with over 25 million people inmore than 40 countries for a world freefrom poverty and injustice.
  4. 4. Their head office is in Johannesburg.They are the only large internationalevelopment organization with theirhead office based in Africa, with officesin Asia and the mericas connectingtheir work in Europe. They believe thepeople whose lives our work effectsshould decide how they run.
  5. 5. Food rightsEvery day, one in six people goes to bedhungry. Yet the world produces more thanenough food for everybody. We’re tacklingthe causes of hunger, so that everyonecan enjoy the right to have enough to eat.
  6. 6. Why are so many people hungry? There is enough food in the world to feed everyone, but food, and the economic and political power to get it, isnt equally shared out.• Hunger results from the unequal distribution of food, and the lack of access to and control over resources.• Climate change is already having a devastating impact on hungry people - Floods, droughts and other extreme weather conditions are destroying poor people’s lives.• Global food prices have skyrocketed by 83 percent in the last 2 years (wheat has gone up 181 percent) – The world’s poor, those who already spend 60 to 80 percent of their budget on food, are the hardest hit.• Growing demand for biofuels and large-scale corporate land grabs are driving poor farmers off their land and threatening their livelihoods.
  7. 7. How they work for Food Rights• Sustainable Agriculture• Women Farmers• Land Rights• Food Crisis & Policy• International Food Security Network
  8. 8. Sustainable AgricultureClimate change threatens the livelihoodsof many farmers around the world. Morelong term changes in the patterns oftemperature and precipitation from climatechange will harm poor smallholder farmerswho do not have the means to cope.
  9. 9. Rose Cicy, 35, a mother of 7 childrentends to citrus seedlings in hernursery.Photo: James Akena/ActionAid
  10. 10. Women FarmersWomen smallholder farmers in manycountries are responsible for not onlyproducing the food but also feeding theirfamilies and communities. Yet, they facemultiple constraints in ensuring their foodsecurity.
  11. 11. Jane Hawara, 57, grows maize on herportion of communal land in Rumphi District,Malawi.Photo: Graeme Williams/PanosPictures/ActionAid
  12. 12. Land RightsDespite its importance for realising theright to food, many poor and excludedcommunities around the world, especiallywomen, lack access to and control overland due to perverse governmentpolicies.In situations like this, the ruralpoor are considerably disadvantaged as aresult of discrimination and the exclusionfrom key decision-making processes andaccess to justice.
  13. 13. Zenia Rueben, a Malawian farmer, was able toclaim her land by learning about land rights.Photo: ActionAid
  14. 14. Food Crisis & Policy• Households around the developing world spend on average 70 percent of their income on food. Any increase in food price is therefore likely to have a disproportionate effect on the poor and hungry.
  15. 15. Alicket Masenda, 52, Sande Village,Malawi cannot buy any food due to risingprices.Photo: Frederic Courbet/PanosPicures/ActionAid
  16. 16. International Food Security NetworkBy building solidarity through movementsand networks, the International FoodSecurity Network (IFSN) aims to leveragecivil society groups’ influence onadvocating for pro-poor food securitypolicies at local and global levels
  17. 17. ActionAid and IFSN co-organiseda workshop on Africasagricultural model at the 2011WSF.Photo: Youjin B. Chung/ActionAid
  18. 18. CreditsGoogle&Google.