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Kivy for you

Draft of presentation for commercial support

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Kivy for you

  1. 1. Kivy for you make your games available on any platform
  2. 2. Do you produce games?
  3. 3. Want your game to be presented on any platform?
  4. 4. Tired to find developers to port your game to different platforms? We need team of Java developers... We need team of Objective-C developers... We need .Net developers... We need... Damn, what do they use for development?
  5. 5. Why not to try Kivy? ● One language for whole game development ● Easy way to port your game to any platform ● Once you did it you may use it on any platform!!!
  6. 6. Best stack of technologies All cross-platform and high performance
  7. 7. ● Suits best for high level logic development ● Fast development in equal to Java, Objective- C(up to 4 times faster) ● Many developers know it as scripting language ● Easy to learn for developers who are unfamiliar with it(I would say it's extremely easy to learn)
  8. 8. ● Great tool for integrating your or third party(like Box2D, Bullet) C/C++ code with Python code ● Allows you to make compilable code with Python syntax and C-mix code(cool OOP with C without C++) ● Allows you to make extremely fast extensions in your game(as fast as compiled C code)
  9. 9. ● With Kivy you have platform agnostic OpenGL ES function bindings ● Use all power of graphical accelerator on OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible devices(now about 95% supports OpenGL ES 2.0) ● Use all power of shaders in your game ● Use the best cross-platform tool for implementing fastest graphic in your games
  10. 10. Kivy ● Set of abstractions which allows you to care only about your game development ● A lot of abstraction for 2D graphic ● A lot of functions which helps you develop your game ● PyJinius/PyObjC projects allow you to use Java/ObjectiveC classes in your game ● Ready and highly customizable widgets for implementing UI ● Tools for packaging for different platforms
  11. 11. Use our support to get started ● Training and consulting for developers ● Help with packaging for specific platforms ● Help with porting third-party C/C++ libs ● Development of platform specific extensions on Objective-C/Java/C/C++ and integration with your application
  12. 12. Contact us ● ●