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英三A 410352217 陳姝呈

This power point is a lesson plan which tell us how to teach intonation in grade 3 to grade 4 of elementary school.

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英三A 410352217 陳姝呈

  1. 1. IntonationE3A 410352217 陳姝呈
  2. 2. Introduction Time: 2 mins Activity: Introduce what is intonation and how you can it use. Material: Power point
  3. 3. Warm-up Time: 2 mins Activity: Ask students to read and say sentences Material: Power point
  4. 4. How to use the intonation directly? Time: 5 mins Activity: Use the sentence in warm-up activity and teach student how to use those intonation directly in each situation. Material: Power point
  5. 5. Read the poetry Time: 5 mins Activity: Read the poetry that use intonation clearly with gesture. Material: Power point