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Billot pages jaunes_telco-form_08.06.11

  1. 1. From directory to local media :Re-inventing a Yellow Page business. Julien Billot Moscow conference 8th of june 2011
  2. 2. To introduce myself…. Julien Billot 43 years old French. 13 years in Telco Industry (FranceTelecom/Orange Group) 4 years as COO of the paging subsidiary of FT. 3 years of Chief Product Officer of Orange in France 3 years of Chief Marketing Officer of Orange in France. 3 years in Media Industry. CEO of the Digital Business Unit of Lagardère Active group (owner of HFS and Europa Media Group) At Pages Jaunes Group since 09/09 as CEO of Digital Business Group. © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 1
  3. 3. Pages Jaunes at a glanceKey 2010 Financial and Operating Statistics 1 Leader in the local advertising market €1.1 Bn Revenue and €500 MM EBITDA (45% margin) ~25-30% share of the online local advertising market in France Focus on France (93% of revenues) with significant share of Internet revenues (48% of revenues)2 Reference services and brands 9 out of 10 French adults use the PagesJaunes services >2 Bn consultations per year in France >50% conversion rate of the consultations into purchases 3 A unique sales force to reach large and diversified customer base ~1,900 sales representatives 715k Group advertising customers, 660k in France 75% of online penetration of French customer base © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 2
  4. 4. Pages Jaunes Mission : engage users withlocal businesses The engagement funnel BUSINESS Find a LOCALUSER Search for Compare business Be Open Book/Meet Buy information and decide or a product YP core position © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 3
  5. 5. Pages Jaunes books : a strict and restrictivepositioning. BUSINESS Find a LOCALUSER Search for Compare business Be Open Book/Meet Buy information and decide or a product © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 4
  6. 6. Internet is a game changer. BUSINESS Find a LOCALUSER Search for Compare business Be Open Book/Meet Buy information and decide or a product © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 5
  7. 7. Pages Jaunes to become a ‘global’ localmedia. The engagement funnel Extended position for Pages Jaunes on digital BUSINESS Find a LOCALUSER Search for Compare business Be Open Book/Meet Buy information and decide or a product YP core position © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 6
  8. 8. How can we transform ourselves ?Develop localDevelop local Develop local Develop localcontentcontent media media Database Database Print Print Websites, videos Websites, videos Internet Internet e-services e-services Ads/Vertical Ads/Vertical UGC UGC 1 2 Mobile Mobile Mapping Mapping Enrich Grow Meta-search Meta-search the the content audience Local + Partnerships + Partnerships advertising with other local with other local media mediaManage value forManage value foradvertisers 3advertisers Search, display, Search, display, Increasesmall adssmall ads the ROI Business Center Business Center © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 7
  9. 9. Leverage very strong existing assets Leveraging on Solid Assets An audience with a unique Massive customer Users mix of volume and quality presence A strong digital brand associated with positive Bring Trust Brand and commercially effective values The capabilities to Market power :Advertisers monetize the audience with advertisers 700.000+ advertisers Leader in the Local The local internet Advertising Market Company © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 8
  10. 10. Re-invent web site positionning From Directory… to local media © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 9
  11. 11. Build mobile asset. More than 5 million downloads of PagesJaunes on iPhone* and others platforms 4th most downloaded Apps on the French Appstore since its creation, 3rd Apps the most downloaded in 2010** More than 2,5 million of visitors weekly* A satisfaction rate of 85%*** © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 10
  12. 12. Invest in content. Trend in number of IVPs and videos sold (in thousands) Almost 69,000 fixed and mobile IVPs Optimised access for IVPs to main local information sites: New technology launched in April 2011 for enriched range and customization Leader in France with ~12% of business websitesSource : PagesJaunes Groupe © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 11
  13. 13. Create New media : UrbanDive. Unique experience Appshop and open ecosystem Major brands in real-time and digital Local services UGC content Cultural events Uses that are social, practical, fun… Multi-screen: PC, mobile, iPad, TV Priority target: 18-35 year olds 200 towns in France © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 12
  14. 14. Develop New Partnerships : the Bing effect. Local search results on Bing provided from PagesJaunes content Increased visibility and traffic for our advertisers Presence of PagesJaunes brand as benchmark in local information Strengthening of PagesJaunes media consulting among advertisers Mobile service currently under development Long-term partnership (5 years) © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 13
  15. 15. Launch New local businesses : 123deal Positioning of PagesJaunes Groupe in the local promotion and group purchases market Very fast-growing market 123deal positioned as a partner sites and deals aggregator (20+ affiliates) Planned integration in PagesJaunes Group sites European rollout in 2011 © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 14
  16. 16. A global approach to open new businessmodels on local medias. Business Listing Mappy 123people UrbanDive Training/ Work Real Auto jobs at home Estate … Leads Keltravo © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 15
  17. 17. A unique position on the market. Widely Recognized Brand and Strong Sustained Growth in Audience in France Reach Number of visits per month MM Reach ca. 90% of Direct +12% Audience 116 49% +27pts +72% +27pts . . 3rd most downloaded 75 20% Mobile apps. in France in 2010 (4.9 millions) 2006A 2010A 2001 2010 1 Fixed Mobile 2006-10 CAGR (%) Number of Unique Visitors on Fixed Number of Unique Visitors on Mobile Internet Internet Unique Visitors on fixed Internet (in thousands) Unique Visitors on mobile Internet (in thousands) 36.5 10.8 10.0 9.7 27.5 27.2 24.6 7.6 20.3 20.1 19.1 18.4 18.2 18.1 5.0 4.9 4.6 4.2 3.6 3.5Source: Company, MNR December 2010 – France 1. Include, Mappy,, PagesPro, Compass (in 2006), 123people in France © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 16
  18. 18. The path for growth. Average number of monthly visits in France for Pages Jaunes Group (in millions, excluding 123people) Fixed Internet Mobile Internet © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 17
  19. 19. A strategy to deliver our ambition+50% internet revenues in 2012 vs 2009 Internet revenues Internet share on total (million euros) revenues +50% ~2/3 43% ~2/3 of Pages Jaunes revenues on internet in 2012+ © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 18
  20. 20. Thank you for your attention. © Copyright PagesJaunes 2011 19