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TH-09 133X24mm Outdoor wpc decking floor


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TH-09 133X24mm Outdoor wpc decking floor

Published in: Engineering
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TH-09 133X24mm Outdoor wpc decking floor

  1. 1. Installation & Instruction Summary Installation & InstructionInstallation & Instruction 2 3 1 4 Put two deck boards abreast; Put long bar tie plate upright under the boards, put one bar every 25-35cm(According to the plank which be selected) Then put one ixing stud, and between two board's channel; Last put one screw in the ixing stud, and then screw down fast. Making ixing stud and tie plate connection fast. Tools & Accessories 11 2 3 4 The finished project pictures 350mm 500mm 8mm
  2. 2. Project ShowProject Show Project TEL: +86-532-6773-1461 FAX: +86-532-6773-1463
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