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Registration ГEA English version

  1. 1. ТМ TO SUBMIT WORK1. Projects for participation in the competition are accepted from the 1st of April 2011 tothe15th of May 2011.2. The Participation of projects in Competition is paid3. The price of participation amounts:3.1. Regardless of the quantity of the submitted works, the participant pays a registrationpayment at a rate of 500 UAN without VAT.3.2. In such nominations: Best Corporate Event Best public or outdoor event Best Traditional event Best In-House event Best children holiday Best business event Best exhibition Best MICE or incentive program Event for the brand Best marketing strategy Best PR-strategy Best use of sponsorship Best international event650 UAN without VAT for one competitive project in one competitive nomination at givingprojects till 30.04.2011.890 UAN without VAT for one competitive project in one competitive nomination at givingprojects till 15.05. 2011.3.3. In such nominations: Best use of technology Best caterer Best event supplier Best productions company Best small locations Best medium locations Best large locations Best unusual locations Best scheme of event Best creative use of small budget Best creative use of small budget450 UAN without VAT for one competitive project in one competitive nomination at givingprojects till 30.04.2011.570 UAN without VAT for one competitive project in one competitive nomination at givingprojects till 15.05. 2011.3.4. In such nominations: Best social event campaign Best culture event Авторское право защищено. Европейское бюро патентов.
  2. 2. ТМ Best sport event Best education eventproject are accepted free of charge.3.5. For subscribers of magazine about the corporate event-industry and business tourismADnako! there is a discount of 15 %.3.6. For participants of Ukrainian Event Awards 2010 there is a discount of 10%.4. For participation in competition, registration of the competitive application and submittingthe project(s), the participant passes the accreditation on a site of Competition or in AwardOrganizing committee.5. For participation in Competition the projects realized during 2010 are accepted. A necessarycondition is the written presence of the recommendation-permission of the Customer of event toproject representation in the competitive program.6. The projects that participate in competition, should be developed and realized by thecompany that has presented them or be accompanied by the letter from the final organizer on theconsent of submitting the project.7. The form of submitting works:7.1. The project should be presented on competition in the form of presentation in a format. ррt(Power Point). The presentation volume should not exceed 3 Mb. Use of firm symbolic of thecompany-organizer of action, logos and so forth is categorically forbidden.7.2. The description of works should contain the following obligatory blocks of theinformation:7.2.1. Slide 1:- The name of category in which the project is submitted;- The name of work;- The executor (the name of agency, the company, a personal of organizers);- Contacts (contacts of the Responsible person in agency for the operative solution of arisingquestions of organizing committee of Competition and Jury).7.2.2. Slide 2:Introduction data:- The customer (the name of company, product, brand, service);- The type of event (Conference, anniversary, insentive-round etc.);- The quantity of people who took part in the event (for a category «the Best children holiday» -the quantity and age of children-participants);- The place of holding the event;- The contractors of the executor who were involved in realization of the project (technicalsupport, a catering, a location, multimedia filling, the producer center).- The date of holding the event (for a category «the Best children holiday» - the date of holdingand the duration of the event)7.2.3. Slide 3:- The brief (the purposes and tasks of the project, economic conditions in which the project wasrealized; what achievements were assumed by event).7.2.4. Slide 4: Авторское право защищено. Европейское бюро патентов.
  3. 3. ТМ- The offered decision (an idea; what was developed according to the offered tasks and thepurposes).7.2.5. Slide 5 (it is not necessary)The realization of the idea (the description of a planned steps of performance of the event – theplanning of works, the planned schedule in the free form).7.2.6. Slide 6:Complications (Specify the basic complications from the solving of which the success of eventdepended (there can be one, two - no more), and the ways of their solving - perhaps, any creativestep which allowed to manage the problem)7.2.7. Slide 7 - 8:- The realization (description of the event how everything was happening). Slide 9 (The information of this paragraph will not be disclosed in public):The plan-scheme of the event with indication of points of activity and "working" zones of theevent, movement of a stream of participants on a location etc.The detailed description of a technical equipment of the event (light, sound, a scene, multimediaetc.)Optional: a substantiation of use of technological elements.7.2.8. Slide 10:Efficiency (actual results of the event, efficiency of distribution of the budget, client’s responses,the responses of mass-media are also desirable).7.2.9. Slide 11:The special features (describe distinctive features of this event, what singles out this event at thelevel with other events of the same type?).7.2.10. Slide 12:The additional information (here you can add any other information about your project that, inyour opinion, will help Jury to estimate the project presented on their consideration onadvantage).Slide 12а:It is filled in only by nominees in a category « Best creative use of small budget». It is necessaryto give the provisional expenses according to various stages of event.7.2.11. Slide 13:Additional materials (specify the list of materials applied on the competitive project).7.3. It is necessary to indicate the budget of the event for projects that are submitted into thenomination « Best creative use of small budget». At the submitting into the other nominationsthe indication of the budget is advisable. 7.4. Contractors and providers of services for events at the submitting of the company into anomination represent the information on not less, than 5 executed contracts in their field ofactivity (technology, a catering etc.) during 2010, being guided by above offered scheme of thepresentation.7.5. The form of submitting the projects for location:7.5.1. Slide 1: The name7.5.2. Slide 2: Traffic intersection, the availability of parking etc. Авторское право защищено. Европейское бюро патентов.
  4. 4. ТМ7.5.3. Slide 3: The spaciousness (halls, a cloakroom, the record of variants of the seating ofvisitors).залы, гардероб, учет вариантов рассадки гостей). The plan of scheme of halls and subsidiarypremises, possible for use during the holding of the event.7.5.4. Slide 4: The list of own equipment (sound, light, plasma, etc.)7.5.5. Slide 5: The quantity of staff. Kitchen.7.5.6. Slide 6: The brief information about the chief cook.7.5.7. Slide 7: Additional possibilities that are given by a platform.7.5.8. Slide 8: The appendix to the project: not less than 5 recommendations from the clientswho organised events on a location in 2010. The general number of the accepted and servedcorporate orders in 2010.7.6. There should be letters of recommendation from the Customer of this event in which theclient estimates the level of work of agency, the professionalism of its command, the aiming atresult and the use of innovative technologies in work, the ability to predict results of event, toprovide possible complications in the realization of projects etc.7.6.1. In case of absence of letters of recommendation, the agency can give the informationabout the contact person of the Customer (Surname, name, a post, telephone numbers: mobileand work, e-mail), who was authorized to give the comment about the quality of the executedworks. The Award organizing committee will specify the necessary information on its own andgive comments to judges.7.7. The language of the description of the project: the agency submits the presentation, the firstpart of which is in Russian, and the second (identical) is in English. The nominee can co-ordinatequestions of translation with Award Organizing committee.7.8. To the text description of the project it is attached:7.8.1. It is necessary to give 5 photos with the high resolution (300 dpi in JPEG or EPS format,to 10 Mb) - are obligatory;7.8.2. Video materials in format MPEG 4 or QuickTime Movie, that last not more than 1,5minutes, and also to give additionally a video material in HD-quality to Award Organizingcommittee on CD (DVD) disk.7.8.3. Press materials, originals or copies of publications in an original language, certificates,thankful letters, etc., total amount no more than 5 Mb.8. Exceeding the volume, incorrectly issued works will be automatically excluded by jury.9. One participant of Competition can nominate unlimited quantity of projects.10. Giving of one project into two and more nominations is considered as two and moreparticipating projects. One project is limited by giving in 3 (three) nominations.11. Descriptions of projects can be used for the publication in mass-media in order to make theindustry of event service and an exchange of experience more popular. It is not allowed to usethe information concerning a slide 9 of the presentation. Авторское право защищено. Европейское бюро патентов.
  5. 5. ТМ12. The participant of Competition bears full responsibility for the given information andaccompanying materials.13. The projects that are received on Competition are not returned.14. The Organizing committee of Competition does not return the means transfered for projectspresented on competition, in case of non-participation. 15. The sending, delivery of projects and other correspondence is realized at the expense of theparticipant. The organizing committee of Competition does not bear responsibility for thematerials lost at sending. 16. In case of occurrence of technical problems with project loading on the Competition site, itis necessary to submit the statement in Competition Organizing committee.17. The scale and place of holding the projects presented on competition, have no value. Thejury will estimate both scale projects, and local actions with identical attention.18. The award is awarded to authors of the most interesting works according to the decision ofJury upon a correspondence estimation and their public protection. In each nomination thediploma and a figurine - a gold key is handed over to winners. The Grand prix is awarded by themajority of voices of Jury.19. Prize winner projects will be published in magazine about the corporate event-industry andbusiness tourism ADnako!, on the Award site, and also are reported in a post materials aboutwinners in mass-media. All projects submitted to a nomination, will be published in the Awardcatalogue (1/1 strip) with the appendix of video materials. Авторское право защищено. Европейское бюро патентов.