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Local Apache NiFi Processor Debug


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Tutorial about how to setup Apache NiFi at local and debug running processor.

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Local Apache NiFi Processor Debug

  1. 1. Deon Huang 2018/1/24 Local NiFi Processor Debug
  2. 2. Debug Steps ✤ Get Source Code ✤ Setup NiFi ✤ Setup IDE
  3. 3. Take Apache NiFi open source contribution steps as example
  4. 4. Get Source Code ✤ Git clone from NiFi github ✤ Feature Branch Workflow feature-branch-workflow ✤ Apache NiFi contributor guide ✤ Detail steps in brief: e08ace16ca60
  5. 5. Get Source Code ✤ From NiFi Committer Peter:
 Build project without unit test to generate local SNAPSHOT version if needed.
  6. 6. Setup NiFi
  7. 7. Setup NiFi
  8. 8. Setup NiFi
  9. 9. Setup NiFi
  10. 10. Setup NiFi
  11. 11. Setup NiFi
  12. 12. Setup IDE
  13. 13. Setup IDE Set up configuration and launch debug mode
  14. 14. Launch Debug Mode ✤ Launch IDE debug mode ✤ Connected to target VM : means successfully connect to NiFi and ✤ is waiting for breaking point trigger. ✤ Start processor to trigger breaking point, (Notice that during IDE debug, NiFi will block service)