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Tips to learn English


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It's my first presentation, but I hope it will be interesting and useful.

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Tips to learn English

  1. 1. Tips to help you in learn English
  2. 2. others …
  3. 3. Listen to English MusicAlso you can enjoylistening to songs inEnglish. You can listento the words and workout with theirmeanings. There areseveral sites where onecan find the words formost songs.
  4. 4. Watch films and TelevisionThose who cannot afford tomove to English-speakingcountries can always useEnglish movies and EnglishTV shows to help themunderstand the Englishculture and language. This isanother tip which was usedsuccessfully particularly byAsians. Watching Americanand British movies can helpindividuals become familiarwith different English terms.More importantly, thesemovies can help individualsbecome familiar with Englishconversations. This methodis definitely much cheaper ascompared to moving to anEnglish-speaking country.
  5. 5. Have the Time to Join EnglishCoursesThe internet has provided agreat avenue for those whowant to learn English quicklyand easily. There are manygreat English Courses thesedays. These English Coursesonline focus on Englishgrammar, pronunciation andvocabularies. Those who donot want to learn online canalso enroll in Englishlanguage schools. In manycountries, there are manyEnglish language schoolswhere students can learnhow to speak English well.The teachers are well-trained to help studentslearn how to speak Englishwell easily.
  6. 6. Practice, Practice, PracticePut books around yourroom ,listen radio ,watch Englishchannels , put thescraps of paper on wallsin your home!Don’t let a little fearstop you from gettingwhat you want !
  7. 7. Read books and newspapersRead English languagenewspapers andmagazines. Find oldmagazines at yourdoctor’s office or readcurrent ones at yourlocal library. Pharmacyand grocery storesoften have free productbrochures and bookletsthat you can take homeand read at yourconvenience.
  8. 8. Visit an English-Speaking Country1)Take a language holiday.2)Stay with a homestayfamily.3)Learn from native Englishteachers.4)Gain access to Englishculture.5)Get a part-time job.6)Volunteer.7)Make native Englishfriends.8)Make friends with peoplefrom other countries.10)Become more confident.11)Hire a tutor.12)Offer languagelessons/swap in your ownnative tongue.
  9. 9. DictionariesIf you takeresponsibility for yourown learning , you willuse dictionaries.Dictionary is a book ofinformation aboutwords. The words arelisted in alphabeticalorder. It shows you howto spell and pronouncewords , and gives wordmeanings.This dictionary has onthe contemproryEnglish of 75,000 words
  10. 10. SkypeSkype is a softwareapplication that allowsusers to make voice andvideo calls and chatsover the world .Calls toother users within theSkype service are free,while calls to bothtraditional telephonesand mobile can be madefor a fee using a debit-based user accountsystem. Skype has alsobecome popular for itsadditional features whichinclude instantmessaging , five transfer,and videoconferencingSkype has 663 millionregistered users as ofSeptember 2011
  11. 11. Record yourselfYou can record yourvoice on the phone orcomputer and noticemistakes in yourpronunciation.
  12. 12. Finally I hope my advices help you in learning English! Good Luck !