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Lss Matrix Usage Overview


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'LSS Matrix' plugin for SketchUP installation and usage overview.

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Lss Matrix Usage Overview

  1. 1. Usage Overview Installation Enabling toolbar Getting started Making array ofcopies Post processingcapabilities
  2. 2. Installation  Download «»  Unpack contents of «Plugins» subfolder into SketchUp «Plugins» subfolder  Unpack contents of «Resouces» subfolder into SketchUp «Resources» subfolder
  3. 3. Enabling Toolbar Sketchup Main Menu>> View>> Toolbars>> LSS Matrix Toolbar
  4. 4. Getting Started «LSS Matrix» has preprocessing stage: it is necessary to make an initial copy instance and «controlling» copy instances before «LSS Matrix» dialog launching.
  5. 5. Making Array of Copies  Choose Plugins>> LSS Matrix>> Lss Matrix Dialog command from the main menu or click appropriate button of «LSS Toolbar»  Pick the initial instance  Pick copy instance(s)  Adjust settings  Click «Apply» to generate array of copies
  6. 6. Samples of Copies Arrays 1 2 1.One copy instance 2.Two copy instances 3.Three copy instances 3
  7. 7. Post Processing Capabilities 1. «Edit Copy Instance Properties...» command 2. «Refresh Copies Array...» command (allows to rebuild results manually) 3. «Observe Changes...» command (it enables tools observer and refreshes results automatically if move/rotate/scale actions were detected)
  8. 8. Feedback WWW: Blog: YouTube: LSSoft2010