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Lss chronolux 1.2 features overview


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Lss chronolux 1.2 features overview

  1. 1. CHRONOLUX 1.2New Features Overview●Colored insolated sector●Colored gradient map●New way to listprocessed test points Links Systems Software
  2. 2. CHRONOLUX 1.2Colored Insolated SectorColor provides more intuitive way of graphical representation ofinsolation duration testing results. Links Systems Software
  3. 3. CHRONOLUX 1.2Colored Gradient MapColored gradient map is more readable and has a greater impacton a viewer in contrast with a grayscale gradient map. Links Systems Software
  4. 4. CHRONOLUX 1.2Attaching Duration LabelsThis feature provides individual or batch labeling so graphicalrepresentation of testing results makes even more sense. Links Systems Software
  5. 5. CHRONOLUX 1.2List of Processed Test PointsThis useful feature provides a simple way to send the list ofprocessed test points to LayOut.●Right-click>Select All●Right-click>Copy●Switch to LayOut●Right-click>Paste Links Systems Software
  6. 6. CHRONOLUX 1.2List of Processed Test PointsHere is the result in LayOut. Links Systems Software
  7. 7. CHRONOLUX 1.2InstallationThis version is compatible with SketchUp 2013 and the best way toget LSS Chronolux 1.2 is to install it from Extension Warehouse. Links Systems Software