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Live Mobile: "China: What does take to enter the world's largest mobile market" by Chris Hanage, Papaya Mobile


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Live Mobile: "China: What does take to enter the world's largest mobile market" by Chris Hanage, Papaya Mobile

  1. 1. “ : ’ ?”
  2. 2. ? + +Founded in 2008 with $22M raised through DCM and Keytone. 100 staff with offices in San Francisco, London and Beijing More than 80% of users come from US and Europe Popular games earn more than $1 million per year.
  3. 3. … Social Open APIs, Cross-PromotionMobile Games Network Game Engine Network
  4. 4. • Real mobile SNS aimed at social gamers.• Mobile app discovery.• Finding friends to play with.• Papaya avatars create unique identity.• Content sharing with like minded players.
  5. 5. AppFlood cross-promotion AppFlood cross-promotion Social SDK and APIs Viral / social distribution Virtual currency Social Game Engine
  6. 6. • Open cross-promotion network for all developers.• Flexible and seamless cross- promotion formats.• Buy and sell excess traffic 100% commission-free.• Fast track setup and free credits for every app.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. In millions
  9. 9. Flurry, Mar 2012
  10. 10. …$2.00 $1.90$1.80$1.60$1.40$1.20$1.00$0.80 $0.67$0.60$0.40$0.20 $0.07$0.00 Japan US China App Annie, May 2012
  11. 11. Source: ThinkEquity LLC Estimates, Jan 2011
  12. 12. $
  13. 13. Online PC games rule in terms of revenue.64% of online gamers made at least one in-game purchase.Console games exist in a grey area. Lawsmay get reform after 2012. Niko Partners, July 2012
  14. 14. Niko Partners, July 2012
  15. 15. 356 Million Mobile Internet Users192 Million Online Mobile Gamers Niko Partners, July 2012
  16. 16. $ Niko Partners, July 2012
  17. 17. Ad / Cross Promo Networks Payments App stores / Pre-installs Publishers Mobile Gaming NetworksHandsetsCarriers
  18. 18. • Cultural and behavioral• Localization• App store and device So many app stores! fragmentation• Frequent copying of IP• Piracy• Less legal protection• Restrictions on foreign companies• Multiple billing channels
  19. 19. • Many billing channels to manage.• Papaya provides all-in one SDK for in-app purchase.• Lower user spend and lower paying user conversion rates.• Cross-promotion networks like AppFlood can monetize non- paying users in China.
  20. 20. • No official Google Play store.• App Store fragmentation. No clear number 1.• Carriers difficult to work with.• Build relationships with all app stores for featuring.• Papaya has helped dozens of global partners launch in the China market.
  21. 21. App Store # DOWNLOADS/DAYHiapk Market 15,000-20,000 We cover most 3rdGoapk Market 15,000-20,000 party app stores, theGfan Market 8,000-12,000 main stores are listed to the left.Appchina 6,000-12,00091 Market 5,000-8,000Nduo About 5,000Heruixinfeng 1,000-2,000EOE Market 1,000-2,000Starandroid 1,000-2,000XDA 1,000-2,000 EOE is a top10 app store in China, we regularly secure “recommended” position on the homepage.
  22. 22. Goapk is the most popular Gfan is the top3 app store inapp store in China. It’s a very China, and the market Nduo, the top5 app store ininfluential market with about connects with Gfan BBS, so China. 20,000 downloads per day. it has the most users. Papaya secured positions shown above
  23. 23. We are often featured on 3rdparty app stores, both mobile client and web site. It’s a effective way to promote games. For example, therewere over 30,000 downloads during 48 hours recommendation on Goapk Market about Fishing Vida.The red box to the right is a Papaya secured position. Nduo is the top 5 app stores in China, and it has 25,000 apps on it, we can secure ad positions on the homepage of Nduo.
  24. 24. wandoujia software, the most popular android desktop phone kit, is a Papaya partner features a “papaya zone”.
  25. 25. ManufacturersOfficial Store We work With manufacturers,MOTO Market and We use their official store toCoolmart launch Our games.Lenovo MarketHTC MarketOPPO MarketUnicom Wo Store Partner White Label SNS Billing IntegrationHuawei Market China Unicom 2012 No China Telecom Dec 2011 Yes China Mobile 2012 Yes Alipay N/A Yes
  26. 26. Huawei is one of the Unicom is one of the largest manufacturers of three biggest operators mobile phone. Papaya in China, and we havegames are installed in each our cooperation zone in phone produce by Huawei Unicom market, calledbecause of our cooperation. Wo Store.
  27. 27. • Relationships with all key Press• We have executed on over 100+ marketing campaigns Gfan BBS is the hotest android BBS in China, we can get the recommendation by the webmaster of Gfan BBS. Forum Gfan BBS There are some hot BBS in Goapk BBS China, and we post our Hiapk BBS games on them, making users know papaya better. EOE BBS Woda BBS CONFIDENTIAL
  28. 28. Shensi, a successful entrepreneurs in China, is papaya’s CEO with over 100,000 fans on Sina Weibo. She is also involved in microblog marketing, and post and recommend papaya games everyday. This is our official weibo, thousands ofusers focus on it and share papaya news everyday.
  29. 29. ?
  30. 30. !• Papaya successfully launched Chinese style social games in the west on iOS before anyone else.• New wave of high ARPU Japanese games succeeding in US/EU.• Some heavily localized – E.g, Gree’s Zombie Jombie and Dena’s upcoming Marvel card game.• Some harder core Japanese games having huge success with little localization.
  31. 31. Papaya Farm• Multi-million dollar hit game on iOS and Android launched in 2008• Gameplay and theme heavily influenced by popular Chinese style social games.
  32. 32. Zombie Jombie• Japanese style gameplay tailored for US audience.• Average ARPDAU $1+
  33. 33. Rage of Bahamut• Originally Japan only Title; Shingeki-No- Bahamut• Top Grossing on iOS and Android in June 2012
  34. 34. :• Over 100 games already in the pipeline• Partners such as BulkyPix, BigBlueBubble, Kiloo, PerBlue, Fluik, etc.
  35. 35. !@