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  2. Water Supply in Dehradun- ◦ First piped water supply in 1885 from Kolukhet springs situated about 25 km from Dehradun. ◦ Operated and maintained by Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan (UJS). ◦ Large capital works and overall planning are carried out by another corporation named as Uttarakhand Pey Jal Nigam (UPJN).
  3. Water Sources and / Generation of Water - ◦ Ground water is the main source. ◦ 76% of its total supply of 102.51MLD. ◦ The rest 24 % or about 24.54 MLD is drawn from the various sources of surface water. ◦ 57 tube wells of diameter varying between 150 and 300 mm each about 120 m deep are supplying water to the town. Present Availability of Water from Various Sources
  4. Treatment of Water ◦ 2 water treatment plants (WTP) of capacity 20 and 14 MLD respectively. ◦ produce about 24.54 MLD. ◦ The WTP-1 at Dilaram Bazar is able to treat about 16 MLD as received from Bijapur Canal (10 MLD) and Bandal River (6 MLD). ◦ The WTP-2 at Sensai Ashram is able to treat about 8.54 MLD as received from Moussi fall (8 MLD) and Kolhu khet (0.54 MLD). ◦ The WTPs comprise of settling tanks and rapid sand gravity filters followed by chlorination. ◦ The ground water is supplied directly after chlorination.
  5. Distribution System ◦ Three water supply zones-  Gravity flow zone,  Pumping flow zone  Mixed flow zone. ◦ Northern part Rajpur Road and localities (Gravity flow zone) ◦ Southern part including old city (Pumping flow zone) ◦ These two zones and can be called as (Mixed flow zone )
  6. Per Capita Water Supply ◦ 5,80,000 population of the town (including a floating population of 35,000) is about 72 MLD. ◦ The average per capita supply rate 124 litre per day. ◦ The supply rate varies throughout the town.
  7. Operation and Maintenance ◦ Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan bears the responsibility. ◦ During the study, field visits were made and detailed discussion were held with consumers.
  8. Summary of present status of water supply system of Dehradun Present Status of Dehradun Water Supply (2005-06)