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  1. 1. 2回目以降参加 (リピーター)の人用の 課題です - 自己紹介テンプレートの作成 - (20170419 修正)
  2. 2. 課題 • リピーター(2回目の人)へ: P.2を参考に,ご自分の「自己紹介テンプレート」を作って きてください. 原稿を見ずに空で言えるのがオススメです が,ワークショップでは見ながら言っても構いません. • リピーター(3回目の人)へ: 完全に空でスラスラ言えるように,がんばりましょう~ (^o^)ノ • 初めて参加の人は準備しなくてOKです. (まずはお気軽にご参加ください) 1
  3. 3. 自己紹介テンプレート 2 例: My name is Akiko Tajiri. And I am a mechanical engineer working in logistic distribution at Murata machinery company based in Inuyama. My name is (名前) , and I am a (職種) engineer working in (業種) at (会社名) , based in (土地名) .
  4. 4. Good afternoon, everyone. I am (名前) of (会社名) . Today, I‘d like to introduce you about the book titled (本のタイトル) . 発表 テンプレート 3 始めのあいさつ 締めのあいさつ (↓ ここに入れます) I picked up this title because . In this book, there are a lot of information about . (1) In the first chapter, the book says that . (2) The second chapter says . (3) And then, this chapter shows why the universe is large. (4) Next, this picture describes the ~ . (5) Then, this illustration explains how to watch stars. (6) Next, this diagram compares which spacecraft is faster. (7) Then, the dotted line represents the Sun’s surface of the telescope. (8) Next, the close-up picture stands for Russian spacecraft flew around the Moon. ・ ・ (9) Finally, I learned a lot from reading this book. The universe is really intriguing and mysterious. That’s all. Thank you for listening. 発表例(自由に喋ってもらってOKです)