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  2. 2. “Initsiativa“ Regional Youth Council We are mostly workingon projects which include sustainable effect. Generally, we mediate between young people, on the one hand, and authorities, businesses, media, NGOs, on the other hand. We are also involved in international projects, mostly European: intercultural exchange, experience sharing, volunteerism. E-mail:
  3. 3. • Develop and establish spiritual and cultural social values;• Help young people looking for self realization;• Develop physical, culture and spiritual qualities of young people;• Youth international exchanges;• Partnerships with organization on national, local, regional and international level;• Help social isolated group and societies of people with special abilities, using sport and art issues;• Create conditions for realizing young people ideas and resolving their problems;• Familiarization of young people with art, cultural• and sport values;• Working with Volunteers;• Organizing Training seminaries;
  4. 4. OUR AIMES:Provide a safe place for young people tospend time with their peers.Provide activities that will enhance the livesof the young peopleProvide unbiased and on the spot supportand information for the young peopleProvide educational activities tocomplement the workTo give young people the skills and a voiceto influence their community and what ishappening within it To meet the needs of todays children, young people and familiesTo promote sports activities andeducational session To give smiles and have fun
  5. 5. Our tools: