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Wouldn’t it be nice if your company recognize how much work you have been doing? In United States over 65% of employees are dissatisfied with their job from lack of recognition and motivation.
We can help your company to recognize how much effort you have been putting into work by using our “incentive point system”.

Incentive point system is a point evaluation system that convert incentive budget to points. We can set the evaluation standards by listening to both the company and the employee opinions.. When the evaluation standards are set, employees can now receive points by achieving the standards. Once the points have been transferred to individual’s accounts, employees can redeem their rewards from over 1000 items and services.

・ Effect after introducing Incentive Point System to your company; Visualization of employee performance
・ Visualization of incentive budget flow
・ Increase employee Motivation and Engagement
・ Decrease of turnover rate
・ Additional benefit for employee satisfaction

We do free hearing and consultation for your company.
For more detailed information, please contact us at

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Incentive point system overview【Benefit one】

  1. 1. Jan  1th,  2014   Benefit  One  USA,  Inc.  
  2. 2.    Problems  that  we  have   70%    data-­‐driven  news  based  on                                                                          U.S.  and  world  polls of  American  workers  are   “Not  Engaged”         Or  “Actively  Disengaged”
  3. 3.    Problems  that  we  have   Q.  Does   money  make  our enjoyable?              jobs  more   “More  likely  to  like  your  job  if  you  focus  one  the  work  itself,   and  less  likely  to  enjoy  it  if  you're  focused  on  money”   Usual  Solution  for  being  Unmotivated  and  dissatisfied   1.  Insurance     2.  Benefit     3.  Gi3  Card     4.  Salary  Raise     5.  Company  Party     6.  PromoAon        We  Have  a  more  be+er                                          Encourage  Solu3on!!!
  4. 4.    What  is  ”Incentive  Point"? Recognition   Employee  or  Vender Budget   Earn  &  Save   ☆Achievements☆   Points 1000  pt. Motivation   & 10000  pt.  National  Holiday  Shift  Employee  of  the  month    Revolution  to  company  Good  Presentation  Performance    Introducing  New  members  Employee’s  Birthday Engagement 600  pt. 500  pt. 5000  pt. 500  pt. Achievement   Charge     Get Hotel Food,  Drink   Game,Book,  DVD Electrical  Appliance   Choose Exchange
  5. 5. The  Effect  of  our  service. Well  Affect     Dose  not  affect     Not  much  affect     LiKle  affect     Too  much  affect     Probable  not  affect     Not  either     【The  second  Year】 24% 【The  first  Year】 11% 36% 4% 11% 44% 9% 17% 12% 4% 11% 6% 7% 4% Big  Effected  on  second  YR:72%  (13%  up) ※Result  of  questionnaire  at  Big  Company  A
  6. 6.      The  Effect  of  our  service  2. Annual  Turn-Over  Rate   14. 0% 12. 0% 10. 0% 8. 0% Before  Use 導入前 A9er  Use   1year  later 導入1年後 6. 0% 4. 0% A9er  Use   導入2年後 2years  later 2. 0% 0. 0% 4月      5月          6月          7月          8月          9月        10月          11        12月      1月          2月          3月 4        5  6      7      8        9    10   11月      12    1     2        3     ※Result  of  research  at  Big  Company  B Turn-over  rate  before:  72%⇒After  two  years:   54%  (18%  down)
  7. 7. WEB  Site  Image ① ① ② ③ ④ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑦ ①  Confirmation  of  holding  points(①×2)  Confirm  how  many  you(user)hold  points   ②  Banner  for  special  topics  You  can  use  them  as  announcements  of  recommended   items  and  your  company   ③  What's  New?  Message  board  of  your  company  for  members   ④  Search  of  items  by  bar  and  box(②×3)  Similar  with  Internet  shopping   ⑤  Introduction  of  new  items  Introduction  of  newly  arriveditems ⑥  Recommended  items    Guide  of  recommended  items   ⑦  Ranking  Guide  for  the  Top  5  items  categories,  (  The  number   one  category  in  the  all  categories  ),  and  arranged  by   Point  totally  range.
  8. 8. Thanks  Point  System Employee  recognition  and  appreciation  ON  THE  SPOT! Give  Points   Time  line ① 【POP  UP】 Indicate  you  got   “Thanks”. ② ④ 【Ranking】 Member  score  chart Shows  how  much   coo-worker  have. Chart  can  be  enable   or  disable.   【Select  and  message】 Select  “Thanks”   categories  and  send   message! ③ 【TIME  LINE  GIVE】 Shows  history  of   “Thanks”  you  send. ③ 【Search】 Can  narrow  down   team  or  individual  to   send  “Thanks”. 【TIME  LINE  RECEIVED  】 History  and  message  of   “Thanks”  you  received.
  9. 9. Management  System Timey  manage  and  easy  report!   Overview ① 【Give】 Who  to  distribute   points  to ② ⑤ 【Manage】 1.Adding  and  deleting  of   member   2.  groping  member  (  team,   department,  manager,  etc. …  )   ③ ⑥ 【Data  upload】 Data  upload  (changing  data   at  once,  or  can  be  used  for   distributing  points  to  large   amount  of  members  (CVS   format)) ④ 【Data  Download】 data  download  (who,  when,   points  been  used,  current   acclimating  points  by  each   user,  down  load  users  usage   by  CVS  file   all  setting  are  flexible  timely   【Message】 Message  from   company.  (new  target   or  champing  of  your   company)   We  will  be  sending  usage  report  every  month!!!  
  10. 10.    Redeemable  Items     Over  1,000  Items!!   Request  US  if  we  don’t  have  it!!   Restaurant Hotel Electrical  Appliance Food,  Drink   Special  Menu The  dinner  with   a  famous   singer,  tennis   lesson  by   professionals And  etc.   Kitchen,  Outdoor Gift,  Ticket We  try  our  best   to  make  your   wishes  be   fulfilled. Game,Book,  DVD Appeal   Etc.
  11. 11. We  can  change. Improve   corporate   performance   Visually  noticeable   employee  performance         Unifying Reduction  of  stressed   environment   Tailored  for    every  employees     Company   Improve   motivation   Decrease   turn  over   rate   Actualization   of  smallscale   incentive Tap  into  your  company’s  true  potential  with  Benefit  One  !!!
  12. 12.    What  is  Benefit  One  Inc.? USA  subsidiary  profile Company  outline   The  first  intrapreneur  in  Pasona  Inc.   Company   Name: Benefit  One  Inc. Established: March  15,  1996 Shareholder’s   Capital: Location  of   Head  Office: 1,522  million  yen 3-12-18  Shibuya  Shibuya-ku  Tokyo  Listing: Listed  in  the  second  section  of  the  Tokyo   Stock  Exchange  (securities  code:  2412) Number  of   employees 1,003 Business   performance: Total  Sales:  17,610  million  yen (FY03/13)    Branch      network    in  Japan (12  branches  in  Japan) Group Tokyo  Head  Office  /  Sapporo  branch  /  Sendai  branch  /   Yokohama  branch  /  Hamamatsu  branch  /  Osaka  branch  /   Nagoya  branch  /  Kyoto  branch  /  Hiroshima  branch  /   Matsuyama  branch  /  Takamatsu  branch  /  Fukuoka   branch  /     Benefit  One  Solutions  Co. Benefit  one  Health  care  Co. Benefit  One  Shanghai  Inc. Benefit  One  USA  Inc. Company   Name Benefit  One  U.S.A  Inc.  Founded 10/1/2012 Location 101  Metro  Drive  Suite530  San  Jose,  CA95110 Capital $1M Board   member Chair  of  the  Board:Norio  Shiraishi  President&CEO:Ryo  Hiraide Vice  President&Secretary:Masako  Suzuki Treasurer  &  CFO:Koji  Nosohara President Stockholder RYO  HIRAIDE Benefit  One  Inc. (Our  parent  company  in  Japan)
  13. 13. Cost  of  Starting 【Example  Cost】 ※The  example  is  estimates  only.  Costs  and  benefits  will  be  tailored  to  your  individual  circumstance. ※The  followings  are  paid  separate  options. 1.  Call  center,  facsimile,  post  card,  special  guide  book,  leaflet  and  so  on. 2.  Automatic  reflection  to  point  system  of  neede  data  from  your  database. 3.  Automatic  abstraction  of  needed  data  from  the  incentive  cafe  database. 4.  Setting  of  single  sign  on.