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Lektorium Branding


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Gorky Park's Lectorium Branding

Published in: Design
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Lektorium Branding

  1. 1. Gorky Park’s Lectorium Branding
  2. 2. In 2015 there has been finished the reconstruction of the Main Entrance complex where Park’s Museum takes place. There are а multifunctional humanities club, named “Lektorium”, where a plenty of educational courses has been running. The task was to develop the Lektorium Visual Identity System and highlight the innovation features of its projects, being in conjunction with other Gorky Park projects’ identity style at the same time. The Museum has its own sign – the “M” letter. According to this, we integrate the “L” letter as a Lektorium’s sign. We turned this letter to 90° counterclockwise so that it becomes alive and very sociable. Lines’ simplicity, combined with the unique creative graphic’s concept, clean style approach and easy perception of the main idea makes Lektorium Identity friendly and clear. There has been developed a number of Visual Identity options, which cover the Lektorium core values: additional art education, cultural horizons expansion, communication. In conjunction with logo there were created additional visual elements, integrated into the space of media stuff variety relevant to the consumer: participant’s badges, workbooks, schedule of lectures, etc.
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