Buying domain name the right way


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Buying domain name the right way

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  2. 2. [Emarkering Resource]Buying Domain Name The Right Way When it comes to making your online presenceprofessional buying domain name is one of the bestthings you can do for your online business. With somany free options available online, many peoplemistakenly think that they will be just as successful(and save money) by going the free route, but there area few problems with that line of thought.
  3. 3. [Emarkering Resource]Buying Domain Name The Right Way For one thing, when you are relying on a free blog, nomatter which platform you are using, you dont own athing. If the service that provides the blog, sayWordPress, decides that they dont like somethingabout your blog, they can shut it down and they donthave to let you know they are doing it or why they aredoing it.
  4. 4. [Emarkering Resource]Buying Domain Name The Right Way Another problem using the free methods is that youcant get a good domain name. You want your ownunique domain name not a hybrid name tacked on tothe end of the free service youre using, it just looksmore professional to have your own name.
  5. 5. [Emarkering Resource]Buying Domain Name The Right Way Domain names are inexpensive and easy to buy sotheres really no reason to not buy your own. Withsites like and DomainCheapsters.complus many more, you can get a domain name for ascheap as $10 a year or if you buy many at once you canget the price down to less than $7 a piece per year.
  6. 6. [Emarkering Resource]Buying Domain Name The Right Way Besides establishing your online presence and creatinga professional look, when you buy your own domainname you can actually flip your website and sell it. Itsthe same concept as when someone buys a house, fixesit up and sells it for a profit. There are sites online thatwill allow you to place your site up for sale, Flippa.comis one of those sites.
  7. 7. [Emarkering Resource]Buying Domain Name The Right Way Just buy a good domain name, put up a site, get sometraffic (and hopefully some sales) than list it on Flippaand make some money. Think about it, if you onlypaid $10 for a domain name and a little bit for hosting,and then you sold the site for only $200 that would bea pretty nice profit for such a quick and easy sale.
  8. 8. [Emarkering Resource]Buying Domain Name The Right Way When it comes time to picking out your domain namethere is a few simple things to keep in mind:
  9. 9. [Emarkering Resource]Buying Domain Name The Right Way 1. Do keyword research to find a list of keywordsassociated with your niche that get a lot of traffic everymonth. Then try to get one of those keywords, exactly,as your domain name. For example, in the niche forcat toys lets say I found a great keyword that gets a lotof monthly searches without too much competition:cheap cat toys. Than I would want to use that as mydomain: That way my domainname is a highly searched for keyword which willguarantee quite a bit of free, highly targeted, traffic.
  10. 10. [Emarkering Resource]Buying Domain Name The Right Way 2. If all of your marketing efforts are going to be onlineI wouldnt worry too much about the extension. Ivehad equally good luck using a .com, .net, or .org. Allmy marketing efforts are with PPC or article marketingso no one needs to type in my domain name, they justclick on a link which is why I dont think theextensions matter too much. If you are going to bemarketing in such a way that people would have toactually type in the domain name to find your site, itmay make more of a difference.
  11. 11. [Emarkering Resource]Buying Domain Name The Right Way Treat your online business like a business and establishyour online presence and professionalism by buyingdomain name. The cheap route can work in a pinchbut as soon as you can afford $10 or so, buy your ownname.
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