Buy domain names 3 tips to help you


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Buy domain names 3 tips to help you

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  2. 2. [Emarkering Resource]Buy Domain Names - 3 Tips To Help You Theres a belief that you can never really lose money ifyou invest (wisely) in real estate. As the saying goes"theyre never going to make more land". When itcomes to the internet, having domain names is owningonline real estate and thats why despite all the freeresources online you should buy domain names... asmany as you can.
  3. 3. [Emarkering Resource]Buy Domain Names - 3 Tips To Help You But, just like real estate, not all domain names aregoing to be equally valued, some will be worth morethan others. To pick out a good domain name, whichwill enhance not only your business but how much youcould sell the website for down the road, is somethingof a science. There are a few elements you shouldconsider when you buy your domain name:
  4. 4. [Emarkering Resource]Buy Domain Names - 3 Tips To Help You 1. The first thing you need to do is to identify the nicheyour new website will be in. What product or servicewill you be promoting? Once youve figured that outyou should do keyword research to find a list of greatkeywords that get a lot of searches every month.Those keywords should be the domain name. Forexample, if my site was on dog grooming and I found agreat keyword: dog grooming clippers. Than I wouldtry to get a domain name something like: doggrooming
  5. 5. [Emarkering Resource]Buy Domain Names - 3 Tips To Help You This is a great way to get a lot of traffic to your websitefor free. Why? Because you already know from yourkeyword research that the term dog grooming clippersgets a lot of monthly searches, so many of thosesearches will be sent right to your website since that isthe domain name. This one step can help you get a lotmore targeted visitors for free.
  6. 6. [Emarkering Resource]Buy Domain Names - 3 Tips To Help You 2. There are a lot of places online where you can buydomain names. GoDaddy, DomainCheapsters are twoof the most common, and ones Ive personally used. Ifyou want to find more just visit some internetmarketing forums and ask for opinions, or do a search.Domain names are inexpensive usually around $10 ayear at the most. Many sites offer sales or multipledomain discounts. I know at DomainCheapsters if youbuy 6 or more at a time they are around $6 to $7depending on the extension you get.
  7. 7. [Emarkering Resource]Buy Domain Names - 3 Tips To Help You 3. There is a lot of conflicting opinions about whetheror not you should get any domain with a differentextension such as .net or .org for example.Personally, I will use a .com, .net or .org. Ive foundthat any of them work very well for my needs and .netare quite cheap. Youll have to find what works best foryou, but you need to remember something: manypeople will say that customers will forget a long URL ora different extension, which is true, but how do youtarget the majority of your customers?
  8. 8. [Emarkering Resource]Buy Domain Names - 3 Tips To Help You If you arent handing out business cards and expectingthem to type in the domain name than its not such abig issue. Most of the traffic I get is either fromsearches or from online marketing and in all cases mywebsite visitors just have to click on a link which iswhy I think having different extensions hasnt had anegative impact on my business.
  9. 9. [Emarkering Resource]Buy Domain Names - 3 Tips To Help You Take the time to establish your internet presence, dontget fooled into thinking that going the free route witha blog is the best way to go. If you dont buy domainnames and rely solely on the free services you dontactually own your fair share of internet real estate andyou dont present a professional image.
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