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More Android UIs


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Guide for more android ui implementation

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More Android UIs

  1. 1. More UI of Android
  2. 2. Try this on~
  3. 3. List ● To show items in vertical scrolling list ● Use ListView component ● Item format can be customized, and most of apps are doing this way.
  4. 4. ListView ● Add ListView component ● Default list only contains string ● Item format can be customized, and most of apps are doing this way.
  5. 5. ArrayAdapter ● Set list items threw ArrayAdapter. ● android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1 -> Default list format provided by Android
  6. 6. ListView ● setOnItemClickListener -> Set onItemClickListener for list items ● ...ClickListener -> Usually used to get response after click certain item
  7. 7. Fragment ● Piece of an application's user interface that can be placed in an Activity. ● Single Acvitity contains single/multiple fragment, and each of it can be used like Activity ● Used for dynamic & multi-pane UI
  8. 8. Start Fragment ● onCreateView -> Creating view layout of fragment ● inflate.inflate? -> Create View instance with defined resource o In this case, set View with R.layout.fragment_main resource file
  9. 9. Start Fragment ● FragmentManager -> Interface for interacting with Fragment ● FragmentTransaction -> Add a fragment to the activity state o In code above, use FragmentTransaction.replace to input layout to target fragment
  10. 10. Start Fragment ● Try this~ ● Refer: http://examples.javacodeg /fragment/android- fragments-example/
  11. 11. DrawerLayout ● Container for window content that allows for interactive "drawer" views to be pulled out from the edge of the window.
  12. 12. DrawerLayout ● FrameLayout: Layout for setting main view ● ListView: List which will be setting on drawer ● DrawerLayout is included on Android v4 Support Library package ● For more, look on /tools/support- library/features.html#v4
  13. 13. DrawerLayout - onCreate ● Set default fragment on onCreate ● DrawerLayout.setDrawerListener: Set event action on drawer ● Change fragment when list item on list view has been clicked, and close with DrawerLayout.closeDrawer