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Calm technology

calm technology

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Calm technology

  1. 1. Calm Technology Mudit Kumar Jain BCA V Sem ‘A’
  2. 2. Te chnology that re mains in the back ground until ne e de d and thus e nable s a pe rson to inte ract with it in a calm, e ngage d m anne r. Definition : C alm Te chnology aims to re duce the " e xcite ment" of inf ormation ove rload by le tting the use r se le ct what inf ormation is at the ce nte r of the ir atte ntion and what inf ormation is pe riphe ral. Calm Technology mak es use of our p er ip h er al attention , allowing us to be aware of more things with le ss cognitive ove rhe ad .
  3. 3. The te rm was coine d by M ark We ise r, chie f te chnologist, and John Se e le y Brown, dire ctor of the Xe rox Palo Alto Re se arch Center(PARC) in 19 9 5. Mark Weiser Chief Technologist of Xerox PARC John Seeley Brown Director of Xerox PARC Introduced By :
  4. 4. Principles of Calm Technology Te chnology should re q uire the sm alle st am ount of our attention. a. Technology can communicate, but doesn’t need to speak. b. Create ambient awareness through different senses. c. Communicate information without taking the wearer out of their environment or task. Te c h n o l o g y s h o u l d i n f o r m a n d e n c a l m . a. A person's primary task should not be computing, but being human. b. Give people what they need to solve their problem, and nothing more. Te c h n o l o g y s h o u l d m a k e u s e o f t h e p e r i p h e r y . a. A calm technology will move easily from the periphery of our attention, to the center, and back. b. The periphery is informing without overburdening.
  5. 5. Calm technology has three basic characteristics : • Calm technologies shift the focus of our attention to the periphery. This technological orientation can be achieved either by smoothly and easily shifting from the center to the periphery and back, or by transferring more details to the periphery. An example is a video conference that, by comparison to a telephone conference, enables us to attune to nuances of body posture and facial expression that would otherwise be inaccessible. • A technology is calm when it increases peripheral perceptions with direct implications on our knowledge, which increases abilities to act adequately in various circumstances without being overburdened with information. Thus, the use of calm technology develops a pleasant environment. • Technological connectivity enables a quick anchoring in certain circumstances against the background of a quick shifting from the center to the periphery of our attention, which determines a quick perception of the past, present and future of the subject. This characteristic leads to what Weiser and John Seeley Brown call "locatedness“. Characteristics of a Calm Technology
  6. 6. Examples of Calm Technology Tea Kettle If a technology works well, we can ignore it most of the time. A teapot tells us when it is ready, and is off or quiet the rest of the time. A tea kettle can be set and forgotten, until it sings. It does not draw constant attention to itself until necessary. Inner Office Window An inner office window provides an understanding of whether someone is busy or not without the need to interrupt them.
  7. 7. Jawbone Up The Jawbone Up has a single button and a colored status light. The device can be set to buzz after a short nap or at the optimium sleep cycle for a good night of sleep. Jawbone tracks movement in the background without requiring additional action from the wearer. The device syncs to the user's phone through the audio jack and gives a summary of the wearer's individual day in sleep and physical activity. Lavatory Sign This simple display easily allows one to see whether the restroom on a plane is occupied or not. The message is universal and requires no translation.
  8. 8. Sleep Cycle Sleep Cycle is a mobile application that monitors your sleep and allows you to track times of deep sleep . Set an alarm and Sleep Cycle will wake you up before the time at the best place in your sleep cycle with a soft noise or buzz. Because the haptic alert occurs under your pillow, you can configure it so that you can wake up without anyone else being affected by the alarm. Sleep Cycle rewards users with a sleep score, detailing how well they slept that night. Smart Badge A smart badge is simple. Smart badges are small, wearable technologies that don't require a charger, user interface or operating system. Simply touch a provisioned smart badge to a door or elevator panel and you'll easily gain access.
  9. 9. Calm Communication
  10. 10. • The field of computer science tackles more and more types of data (text, sound, static images, dynamic images etc.). That is, it works with many different media with a minimum effort. This leads to a super-computer-assisted world where computers are ubiquitous in people's lives. • Data processing technologies should calm down and induce calm, in other words be calm technologies. This is easily achieved if we take into account the multimedia aspect of data processing equipment and applications. We conclude with the conviction that in a super-computer-assisted world we feel better when special emphasis is placed on the visual side of the means of communication or information/knowledge transfer, which is a multi-media presentation of the world we relate to. Moreover, if this makes using technologies less tiresome, then we will have the satisfaction of a "child playing at his work place". Conclusion :