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Preparing for the part time job & volunteer fair


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Tips and hints on how to have a successful job fair!!!

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Preparing for the part time job & volunteer fair

  1. 1. N I K K I K A R A B I N I S A S S I S T A N T D I R E C T O R S T U D E N T C A R E E R D E V E L O P M E N T Preparing for a Job Fair
  2. 2. Welcome to the Part-Time Job & Volunteer Fair!  What is a Part-Time Job & Volunteer Fair?  Is there a fee to get into the Part-Time Job & Volunteer Fair?  Will I Get a Job Offer at the Fair?
  3. 3. Before the Part-Time Job & Volunteer Fair  Research Employers & Community Partners  Update and Polish Your Resume  Dress for Success  Practice Your Handshake  Prepare and Practice Your “Sales Pitch”  Questions to Expect from Recruiters  Questions to Ask Recruiters  Questions NOT to Ask at the Part-Time Job & Volunteer Fair
  4. 4. At the Part-Time Job & Volunteer Fair  Develop Your Game Plan  Give Yourself a Pep Talk  Start Talking, Start Wowing  End With a Request  Make a Good Impression  Network With Everyone
  5. 5. After the Part-Time Job & Volunteer Fair  Follow Up—Make Yourself Memorable  Thank the Recruiters You Met  Write to Everyone Else  Keep Your Applications in Motion  Persistence Pays
  6. 6. How to Talk to a Job-Fair Recruiter  1. Walk up to the employer’s table or booth. Make eye contact with the recruiter, smile and say hello.  2. Offer your handshake and introduce yourself.  3. ask about career opportunities for your occupation at that company.  4. Deliver your 15 second “sales pitch.”  5. Answer the recruiter’s questions and ask a few follow up questions of your own.  6. Tell the recruiter that you would like to apply for that job or position.  7. Offer the recruiter a copy of your resume.  8. Ask how you can schedule a job interview.  9. Ask for the recruiter’s business card.  10. Thank the recruiter, smile, and offer your handshake.
  7. 7. Practice!
  8. 8. Contact Nikki Karabinis
  9. 9. References  Dahlstrom, H. (2009). Turn a job fair into a job offer. Holliston, MA: Dahlstrom Company, Inc.