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Et riding the wave


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Et riding the wave

  1. 1. Riding the Wave”Spotting and forecasting consumer trends for profit” A GyaanNiketan Presentation Adapted from The Next Big Thing by William Highman Publisher Kogan Page EMERGING TOPIC
  2. 2. Riding the Wave “Spotting and forecasting consumer trends for profit” TRENDS TREND MARKETING U I I I N D N M B D E T P E E N E LV G R T R EA I S I P M F R EL N T I E NU N A C T TE I N A A A N D T T T I I I I G O O O N G N N N EMERGING TOPIC
  3. 3. Riding the Wave “Spotting and forecasting consumer trends for profit” TRENDSTHE VALUE OF TRENDS BEGINNING WITH TRENDS UNDERSTANDING TRENDS 3I’s  How Trends start Importance  Trend Preparation Relevance Typologies   Insights  Impact Where trends (Inhouse – occur  Trends Benefits Outsourcing) versus fads EMERGING TOPIC
  4. 4. Riding the Wave “Spotting and forecasting consumer trends for profit” TREND MARKETING IDENTIFICATION INTERPRETATION IMPLEMENTATION What to look for? How trend spreads Convincing the Company    Statistical Data Determining the Strategy Active / Passive Trend   drivers What’s in it for me?Observational Data    Theory into practice Predicting TrendsMedia Monitoring EMERGING TOPIC
  5. 5. Riding the Wave The value of trendsImportance Meaning of Meaning of Meaning of Consumers Consumers Change Trends TrendsRelevance Trends Accelerated Boundary Consumer Globalization Today Change Blurring is King Purchase Commu Distribut New New Impact Marketing Drivers nication ion Markets Products Benefit Opportunity Threat Missing Catching EMERGING TOPIC
  6. 6. Riding the Wave Beginning with trends What Trend The Trend The 3I’s What Trend Marketing IS Marketing is Marketing Not ProcessPreparation Focus on Keep an Be Avoid Bias Innovate the Future open mind Systematic Inhouse Trend Trend Trend Integration Team Department InsightsOutsourcing Trend Trend Trend Insights Sourcing Scouts Consultants EMERGING TOPIC
  7. 7. Riding the Wave Understanding Trends How Trend Trend Initiator Starts Initiators Typologies Trend Typology Behavioural Micro vs International Conflicting Typologies traits vs Attitudinal Macro vs National trendsWhen trends Sectors Segments occurTrends vs Fads Avoidance Creation identification Utilization EMERGING TOPIC
  8. 8. Riding the Wave Trend Marketing IdentificationWhat to look What to Who to When to How to for? study study study study?Statistical data Finding Primary Secondary Future data Testing data data data Data Observation Living The Boardroom room Internet data Street Media How to What to Monitoring monitor? monitor? EMERGING TOPIC
  9. 9. Riding the Wave Trend Marketing Interpretation How trends Where Who How trends trends trends spread? spread spread? spread to?Active Drivers Assistance Need Attributes AttributesPassive Trend Passive Constants Cycles Calculabes Chaotics Drivers drivers Predicting Trend Trend trends Prediction Mapping EMERGING TOPIC
  10. 10. Riding the Wave Trend Marketing ImplementationConvincing the Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation company Needs Drivers Typologies Tips Determining Implication Communal Formal the strategy Determination Determination Determination PickingWhat’s in it for Your Picking parameters Me? Purpose Theory into Implementation Responding The Next Practice Process to Trends Steps EMERGING TOPIC
  11. 11. Can you Predict success ? EMERGING TOPIC
  12. 12. ImportanceBenefits Trends Relevance Impact EMERGING TOPIC
  13. 13. The importance of trends Consumer Consumers Change Trends TrendsThe relevance of trends Accelerate Boundary ConsumerTrends today; Globalism d change; blurring ; is king ; EMERGING TOPIC
  14. 14. Impact of Marketing impact; trends Purchase drivers; Communications; Distribution; New markets; New products EMERGING TOPIC
  15. 15. Benefit oftrends Catching Trend as trends opportunity; Missing Trend as trends; threat; EMERGING TOPIC
  16. 16. Beginning with trends InHouse Outsourcing3I’s Preparation Insights Insights EMERGING TOPIC
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