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A Picture of Enterprise Architecture

Setting a technology direction is not about engineering a solution. It is about looking for trends (colors) to use in a painting.

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A Picture of Enterprise Architecture

  1. 1. My Assertion Areas IT can help in 2020: – Knowledge – Operational Efficiency – Staff – Efficient Process IT can/should be the differentiator
  2. 2. Color 1 Digital Immigrant to Digital Native
  3. 3. Color 2 Defensive Information Sharing to Offensive Information Sharing
  4. 4. Color 3 On Premise to Cloud
  5. 5. Color 4 Paper to e-BPML
  6. 6. Color 5 Enterprise to Consumer
  7. 7. Color 6 Search to Latent Semantic Analysis
  8. 8. Math is getting better at machine learning (extract knowledge from data) ))_((_*))_((( ))_((_*))_((( ))_((*))_((( ),( 22 11 bnan ba ba ba inDocWordCountinDocwordCount inDocWordCountinDocwordCount inDocwordCountinDocwordCount DocDocsim    1980s: Pair wise document similarity (document clustering) 1990s: Latent Semantic Analysis (what does the word mean?) documents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 terms really just matrix multiplication: term vector (query) x strength matrix = doc vector
  9. 9. Paper (n): The full record that supports that claim should be available for detailed examination and critique We were taught to share these discoveries by publishing a paper or filing a patent after all the work was done.
  10. 10. Corporate email communications Green = Internal Yellow = External Meanwhile we communicate electronically ...
  11. 11. to networks of people...
  12. 12. … not the objects What if we, curate the conversation...
  13. 13. Is the openness of the next generation going to change the scientific process by allowing computers to mine the “human conversation”?
  14. 14. Scientific Method Proving a hypothesis. Knowledge Discovery Finding the unknown correlations.
  15. 15. Sentiment Analysis for stock market prediction Brokerage houses are using computers to “micro-trade” stocks based on sentiment analysis of blog sphere. Figure from Glance, Hurst, Nigam, Siegler, Stockton, & Tomokiyo, KDD’05
  16. 16. My talk from 2 years ago 200% return Dow Jones
  17. 17. The more we share the smarter it gets. Googledocs determined the commonality of what I was entering and automatically completed the rest of the list. GoogleDocs searched the web. Next generation versions will be able to tell you what correlations exist between two seemingly unrelated attributes
  18. 18. We like …
  19. 19. We don’t like …
  20. 20. Digital Native e-BPML Latent Semantic AnalysisCloud Offensive Information Sharing Consumer
  21. 21. My Assertion Areas IT can help in 2020: – Knowledge – Operational Efficiency – Staff – Efficient Process IT can/should be the differentiator
  22. 22. What is your picture? What colors do you use?