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Medingo acquired by Roche Diabetes Care


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Israel-based insulin patch-pump manufacturer Medingo acquired by Roche Diabetes Care.

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Medingo acquired by Roche Diabetes Care

  1. 1. Medingo acquired by Roche Diabetes Care On April 13, 2010, our company announced that Roche Diabetes Care, the largest blood glucose monitor manufacturer and second largest insulin pump manufacturer in the world, agreed to acquire Medingo Ltd and launch the SOLO micropump globally. Click here for the press release. Clinical studies are currently being performed in several countries and we are planning a limited launch in the Netherlands and Germany in the second half of 2012 with a U.S. launch to follow. If you would like to be kept informed of our progress, please click here. SOLO micropump is for kids too! In January, 2010, The SOLO micropump received pediatric clearance from the FDA. This means people with diabetes of all ages can benefit from the many exciting features of the SOLO system. In addition, Medingo received its ISO 13485 Quality Certification. This is a rigorous standard of quality which measures the effectiveness of our quality and manufacturing systems and will enable Medingo to apply for CE Mark. CE Mark is required for marketing the SOLO system in Europe and other countries around the world. Both of these are very important milestones for Medingo and the SOLO micropump! Are you on insulin injections and considering an insulin pump? The PUMP PURSUIT insulin pump e-learning game was developed just for you! Even if you are an experienced pump user, the PUMP PURSUIT game can be a great review and reinforce important insulin pump terminology and concepts. It’s also great for your family and friends to learn more about pumping. Visit PUMP PURSUIT to have some fun with Hans and Suzy as they take you through various activities to apply your knowledge and skills and complete your PUMP PURSUIT Certificate! © 2011 All Rights Reserved