Pet contest winners


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Pet contest winners

  1. 1. SMARTEST PET IN QUEENS CONTEST WINNERS The Queens Chronicle held a “Smartest Pet In winner $75 in pet services at any of Central Vet’s locations. Queens” contest. Our grand prize winner is Lola, a 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier. Second place went to Third place winner will receive $25 for any pet service or product at Grand Avenue Pet Center in Maspeth. HONORABLE MENTION Princess a mixed breed and our third place winner is We would like to thank all of the pets and their owners Phyllis a half Siamese. who participated in our contest. Here is what makes these Our grand prize winner will receive $125 and second place three pets so unique and the winners of our contest. Q FIRST PLACE: SECOND PLACE: THIRD PLACE: LOLA PRINCESS PHYLLIS Lola is a 2-year- My dog is named My name is Phyllis. Shadow Diamond old Yorkshire terrier. Princess and she is I was born and raised in We don’t know if the greatest dog in Sunnyville, Calif. I am Lola is the smartest the world. She can half Siamese. I was pet in Queens but make you laugh when adopted and handed she is pretty amus- you are depressed over to Scott, my friend, my care giver and pro- ing and very cute. and whenever you are tector. We moved to the East Coast and landed She can do many happy she makes you even happier. in Delaware and Pennsylvania. We lived here tricks, such as sit, What my dog does is that she can have a for two to three years until we moved to Port paw down, and up. She knows to “go home” ball in her mouth and then she will pick the Washington on L.I. Currently, I am living in when we’re at the park, “go upstairs” to my ball up with her two front paws. Elmhurst and met another care giver. His name Princess Danca Justin parents house, find specific toys by names Also, when she is lying on her back on is Jojo. We are now settled in this area. (but not all of them … yet). The most amus- the ground she prays without the ball. Scott has juvenile (type 1) diabetes. I was ing so far is that Lola likes to fly. Since my mom got a new bed, I was told that during episodes of hypoglycemia, I It was first noticed that she could fly about depressed about something and to make me would alert Scott to check his blood sugar six months ago when she was playing with my laugh she tried to get up on top of the queen or even take a glucose tablet if he is capa- husband and my self. Since then, it has size bed and could not get up so my father ble. During night time, I would jump over become a big joke in our family, so much so had to help my dog up. his bed, make noises and extend my nostrils that we went out to purchase a superman shirt. Whenever I watch the game show called to this face to “purr” so he can recognize She flies by putting her two paws forward and “Jeopardy” she barks out the answer. When- that I am around and wake him up. Smokey Trinity crossing them anytime she is in the air. ever I read a book, my dog reads with me I sprint along the hallway to draw attention. Lola also loves being rocked and sung and I put my Mom's glasses on her. When I go in and out of Scott’s bedroom to check to like a baby, she goes to sleep in your my family is upstairs with me, I ask my dog him. I would even go to the bathroom, sit on arms. The thing that makes her the most to bring up the newspaper and she brings it top of the toilet seat and watch over him just to unique is that she loves to get dressed and up to us. She is the greatest and most beau- be sure that he is fine. I thrive to protect him. take pictures. We think she’s pretty amaz- tiful dog in the world to me. If that is not the My owners love me and I know I have a spe- ing and wanted to share this with you. funniest and smartest dog, tell me what is? cial gift to share. She is our “Super Dog.” —Submitted by Matthew Muller —Submitted by Joseph Balatbat and —Submitted by Nicole & William Moore, Age 12, Scott Strumello, Howard Beach Woodhaven Elmhurst Regis & Cookie Buddy