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RIS Summit intro slides


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Chairperson slides--intros and closing.

Published in: Business, Technology
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RIS Summit intro slides

  1. 1. WELCOME.Recruiting Innovation Summit your host :: susan strayersr. director employer brand, marriott international founder, exaqueo | brand. talent. careers. @SusanStrayer
  2. 2. Susan StrayerWorks at Marriott / Exaqueo. Lives in Alexandria, VA. Listens toSpotify and Pandora. Watches Mad Men, HGTV and football. Likeswine and cheese. Hates bad drivers, cold weather and bugs.Passionate about brand, careers and talent. Susan Strayer Packing for IAD – SFO – HNL – IAD. Not checking bags looks like it’s not going to happen. We’ll see. Susan Strayer Betting @bengotkin on todays #eagles game. I’m tasting my free lunch. Come on Philly! Susan Strayer Just got the finger and honked at for stopping at a crosswalk. Sheesh.
  3. 3. Don’t Replicate What You Learn Today.
  4. 4. Take what you’ve learned.Customize to your business strategy.
  5. 5. 5 Minute Case Study: Marriott Attract and source the best talent most cost effectively • Support global growth and recruiting efforts • Target sourcing efforts to support brand differentiation Position and differentiate Marriott as global employer of choice • Relevant to a global workforce • Target new audiences and candidate pools • Innovate alongside and in front of, our competitors Engage potential associates through conversation • We can’t control conversation about Marriott but can influence the dialogue Leverage current associates to engage potential associates • Support alumni outreach and relationship recruiting efforts Slide 5
  6. 6. My Marriott Hotel™ Game• Launched on June 6 at 12:00 a.m. EST• Wall Street Journal exclusive: article published June 6, page B1 (Marketplace)• In first 12 hours, players came from 29 countries• HQ Game Demo Event with Test Kitchen Slide 6
  7. 7. Testing the Waters.Slide 7
  8. 8. 18,700 fans By the Numbers 56,725 visitors 1.9 million impressions 123 countries playingSlide 8
  9. 9. By the Links www.MarriottU.comSlide 9
  10. 10. Senior Director, Employer Brand, Marriott International
  11. 11. Let’s Get Started. #RIS11
  12. 12. Mike Vangel Works at TMP Worldwide for UPS Talent Acquisition. Lives in Hingham, MA. Has son Dennis, daughter Amy , wife Beth & a six year old GoldenYour Photo Here Retriever named Margee. Listens to almost all kinds of music. Watches his children grow up (too fast). Likes spicy food!. Hates mediocrity & complacency. Passionate about making a difference and having fun along the way. Mike Vangel Attention All Chile Heads: Some like it hot & Im one of them. If youre up Thumbnail to the challenge & can score a reservation (they are harder to get than the hottest concert tix). I definitely recommend "Hell Night" at the East Coast Grill in Cambridge, MA. Mike Vangel Thumbnail One of my favorite places in the Virgin Islands. Its the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost van Dyke - home of the infamous "painkiller"! Mike Vangel Thought cloud from over a half-million tweets after Steve Jobs Thumbnail passing. It is interesting to see which words in English were most often said to express sentiment.
  13. 13. Jennifer HascheWorks at... Intuit. Lives in....San Diego. Has one daughter who is afreshman @ CalPoly SLO. Listens to the radio. Watches.... TopChef! Likes to be outside. Hates plasticPassionate about food, good food, beer, cooking, yoga. Connect@JenniferINTUIT Jennifer Hasche Dreading the Halloween pranks waiting for me at home Jennifer Hasche Wishing I had less coffee right about now/ Jennifer Hasche Thinks pre-conceiving status updates is lamer than Farmville
  14. 14. Doug BergWorks at Jobs2Web... Lives in Minnetonka, MN.... Has 3 AwesomeKids.... Listens to Tony Bennett to Black Eyed Peas... WatchesWhatever Is On TV/Web.... Likes Time With Friends & Family....Hates Slow Moving Anything.... Passionate about....Making ThingsBetter For Everyone Doug Berg Speaking at Facebook/ERE Innovation Conference – hope I can deliver something meaningful – these are smart people. Doug Berg Flew to San Francisco – Love in flight wifi Doug Berg Closed up the pool today  - Minnesota winter is on it’s way
  15. 15. Jason LeonardWorks at JCPenney. Lives in Dallas, TX. Has a 4½ year old daughter. Listens toPandora incessantly. Watches sports, CSI and Grey’s Anatomy. Likes football,especially Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys. Hates University of Texasand The Longhorn Network. Passionate about spending time with mydaughter. Connect with him @Jason_dfw and Jason Leonard Maya had another great soccer game this afternoon. Six goals! Four years old and shes already a natural. Jason Leonard I have concluded dating today is just like recruiting. Its all about the sourcing and selection. What I didnt anticipate was how time consuming it is. I wonder if I can outsource part of my dating administrative work... DPO? Jason Leonard How about those Sooners?! National Championship, here we come. Boomer Sooner!
  16. 16. Jenny Voigt "Bring It On" DeVaughnWorks at Waste Management. Lives in Atlanta, GA. Has a Daughter, Julia(5) and a Son, Will (3). Listens to all types of music. Watches The Office,Intervention, Hoarders and even Yo Gabba Gabba! Likes visiting myfamily in Iowa. Hates oatmeal. Passionate about doing the right thing,even when no one is watching. Connect @JennyDeVaugh @WMCareers Jenny DeVaughn Im living the dream as I update Facebook at Facebook. Jenny DeVaughn When my kids grow up will they think that their mom is cool because Iwas at Facebook HQ today or just sooo early 2000s? Jenny DeVaughn I wish that I would have finally watched "The Social Network" before today.
  17. 17. 1. Have a cocktail.2. Get back to work.3. Revisit your organization’s talent DNA.4. Look for the gene gaps.5. See if there’s a #RIS11 fit.6. Follow-up. Ask questions.
  18. 18. Let’s Keep it Going. #RIS11