Transbeam EOC Service Overview


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Transbeam EOC Service Overview

  1. 1. EOC SERVICE OVERVIEW MAY 2011Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  2. 2. TRANSBEAM HIGHLIGHTS State-of-the-art data and voice network portfolio Exclusive focus on the latest types of data and voice services Expert installation and network engineering staff Financial stability combined with smart growth for over 15 years Focus on agent and wholesale distribution 24/7/365 Technical Support 2Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  3. 3. ETHERNET TRANSPORT CO 1 Customer CPE Wholesale Customer A CO 2 Customer CPE Wholesale Customer B CO 3 Wholesale Customer Customer C Transbeam MPLS Core CPE 3Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  4. 4. NETWORK EXCHANGE Transbeam has Network-to-Network Interconnections (NNIs) in place with over 25 leading network carriers. Boston Provider A Enterprise Provider B Enterprise Enterprise New York Provider D Transbeam Ethernet Enterprise California Enterprise Enterprise Provider C Enterprise 4Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  5. 5. EOC AVAILABILITIY BASE MARKETS NEW MARKETS Speeds Available 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 Mbps and 45 Mbps Number of COs 14 ≈ 423 Markets Served New York and Boston California, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington DC and Virginia Installation FOC < 2 days FOC in about 5-7 business days Intervals Install < 14 days Install in 20-45 days depending on CO location 5Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  6. 6. AVAILABILITY FOOTPRINT EOC Central New Jersey: Camden, Jersey City, Offices: Newark and Union City California: New York: Los Angeles Buffalo, New York, Rochester and Syracuse Delaware: Ohio: Dover and Newark Cleveland and Columbus Maryland: Pennsylvania: Baltimore Philadelphia and Pittsburgh POP locations: Silver Spring Boston – 1 Summer St. Massachusetts: Washington DC Los Angeles – 1 Wilshire Boston New York – 60 Hudson New York – 601 West 26th St. Michigan: Virginia: Detroit, Grand Norfolk and Richmond Rapids and Lansing 6Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  7. 7. CAPABILITIES SERVICES: Direct Internet/Data Access Ethernet Private Lines Ethernet Virtual Private Lines MPLS point-to-point Services SUPPORT: Web portal for service qualification and wholesale order entry Single contact for service delivery and 24/7/365 support SLA: end-to-end Reports: on-line, real time performance reports 7Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  8. 8. SERVICE PLATFORM Next Generation Service Platform • Built specifically for Ethernet • Cisco/Juniper Core Equipment • Hitless upgrades OAM- rich Ethernet features • Support at the Port and OVC level • Y.1731 – Performance management 8Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  9. 9. QUALIFYING TOOL 9Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  10. 10. QUALIFYING TOOL 10Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  11. 11. WHOLESALER LOGIN 11Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  12. 12. ON-LINE MONITORING 12Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  13. 13. TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW Technology Ethernet over MPLS, Point-to-Point Equipment Core Backbone: Juniper MX/T Series Edge Network: Cisco Service Assurance Ethernet OAM standard is supported E-NNI Single or dual LACP ports, with negotiated S-tag ranges Supports Jumbo frames up to 9216 Class of Service All Transbeam services work over the best Class Of Service in the Core Network with high availability and performances Recovery A protected service supported by MPLS Traffic Engineering for bandwidth guarantees Customer Support 24x7X365 proactive monitoring Online Monitoring Web portal for online performance monitoring 13Transbeam confidential and proprietary
  14. 14. MPLS ARCHITECTURE Customer A Site 4 Customer A Site 3 Demarcation Points UNI UNI Customer Customer CPE PE PE CPE PE PE Transbeam Network PE Customer Customer CPE CPE UNI UNI Demarcation Points Customer A Site 1 Customer A Site 2 14Transbeam confidential and proprietary