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  1. 1. BioMetrics By Sam Stothoff
  2. 2. WHat Is Biometrics?biometrics -- technology that identifies you based on your physical or behavioral traits -- for added security.
  3. 3. How It WorksEnrollment- Records information, takes your physical shape Storage- Physical trait is transferred into code and stored Comparison- The next time the system is used, the new trait is compared to the old one
  4. 4. Components of Biometrics 1. Sensor- detects the physical characteristic 2. Computer- reads and stores the information3. Software- analyzes the physical characteristic, translates it to code and performs the comparison
  5. 5. Handwriting1.Looks at the speed, pressure applied and sequence of what you write 2. Hard to duplicate
  6. 6. Hand And finger geometry 1.Authenticates users, doesn’t identify them 2. Uses a digital camera and a light 3. Usually in lower end places, cheaper
  7. 7. Voiceprints 1. Each voice is different2. Uses spectrograms(above) to analyze voice with frequency vertically and time horizontally
  8. 8. Iris Scanning 1. Uses a camera to take a picture of your eye2. Software locates the center of the pupil, edge of the pupil, edge of the iris, and the eyebrows and eyelashes 3.Very secure, every eye is unique
  9. 9. Vein geometry 1. Veins are unique for everyone 2. Uses an infrared light to take a picture3. Veins absorb the light and look black in the picture
  10. 10. Problems 1. Over reliance- the perception that Biometrics is foolproof 2. Accessibility- the systems cannot adapt to disabilities3. Interoperability- in emergency situations, retrieving data is more difficult
  11. 11. Be Like James Bond! Sources1. 2. Google Images