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Importing citations from pub med medline to endnote


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Published in: Technology
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Importing citations from pub med medline to endnote

  1. 1. Importing Citations from PubMed MEDLINE to EndNote By: Stephanie Stebens, MLIS
  2. 2. 1. Navigate to 2. Click on PubMed from the Quick Links Menu on the right side.
  3. 3. 3. In PubMed, enter a search term in the search box (such as macular degeneration) in order to generate a list of citations. From the search results list, place a check-mark next to the citations you wish to export to EndNote.
  4. 4. 4. Using the Send To drop-down menu, select File and for the Format select MEDLINE. Press Create File. Save the file to a location on your computer such as the Desktop. 5. In EndNote, go to File – Import.
  5. 5. 6. When the Import box appears, click on Choose File and select the PubMed text file you just saved. The file will appear in the Import Data File box. Next, you need to select the appropriate filter for PubMed. In the Import Option box, select Other Filters. Scroll through the list till you see PubMed NLM. Press the Choose button. Press Import. 7. Your references should now be imported. To view all the references in your library, go to References – Show All References.