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Holistic Customer Experience - MX 2010


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Managing Experience 2010; IA Summit 2010

Published in: Business
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Holistic Customer Experience - MX 2010

  1. The Holistic Customer Beyond the Website Experience Samantha Starmer @samanthastarmer
  2. REI – Recreational Equipment, Inc. Retailer, Member owned co-op 1938 "We inspire, educate and outfit for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship."
  3. me UX & IA related work for places like Amazon, Microsoft REI – first experience at a non high tech company Teach at University of Washington Most important - Spent 10 years in the restaurant and bar business. With a lot of customers.
  4. First, a story…
  5. Palm Springs!
  6. Resort Hotel!!
  7. I am lucky
  8. Verdant
  9. Lus h
  10. Foliage…lots of foliage
  11. Like The Secret Garden!
  12. But…
  13. I was tired
  14. I needed an adult beverage $80 wine!!!
  15. But I’m cheap…
  16. …and car- less
  17. I have to get out of a 13 acre resort
  18. So, with a crappy map
  19. and tips (seriously),
  20. I finally find my way out
  21. And escape to the real world
  22. But now it is dark
  23. And the lovely, secret foliage
  24. With all of the nooks and crannies
  25. That I already got lost in when it was light…
  26. Is kinda scary
  27. Finally, thank god
  28. Now I really need a drink
  29. At least for walking, exploring or doing anything not related to sitting by a pool and drinking
  30. no sign policy
  31. except…
  32. WHY should you care?
  33. 65% of visitors to an online search engine were looking for further information in relation to a product or service they saw in a television commercial or in a newspaper advertisement. Pubblicita offline e ricerche nei motori, 2007 From ‘Information Architecture for Ubiquitous Ecologies’, Andrea Resmini and Luca Rosati
  34. They are coming from everywhere!
  35. We have no control
  36. over how people hear about us
  37. Or get to us
  38. 53%of US online consumers say they research products online that they subsequently buy offline. Forrester, North American Technographics Retail Online Survey, Q1 2009 (US).
  39. Over half REI online business is picked up in a store
  40. Even if you think you are web only, you are multi-channel
  41. Customers are interacting with your brand. They don’t care about the channel; they care about the experience.
  42. I’m the same customer in each interaction
  43. Leaving lovely hotel room
  44. Getting flight # via email
  45. Check in via mobile app
  46. I don’t want flight status!
  47. Okay, trying another way
  48. Flight not recognized
  50. Fine. Old school check in.
  51. US Airways….
  52. And one more reason?
  53. Our Marketing peers are way ahead of us…
  54. some GUIDELINES
  55. Think about on ramps and off ramps
  56. Don’t assume the customer is using the front door.
  57. Holistic experience at all entrances
  58. Back door
  59. Side door
  60. Holistic experience?
  61. Where’s the award?
  62. Store directions?
  63. Who is REI? Why am I here?
  64. Are your on ramps and off ramps a good experience?
  65. Be consistent… Consistent brand
  66. Coordination, timing
  67. Be consistent… Consistent information
  68. The most common problems reported by Web-to-store shoppers related to discrepancies in prices and product information across the two channels. Forrester, How Satisfied Are US Consumers With Web-To-Store Shopping? December 2009
  69. Not the same information!
  70. Not the same information!
  71. Be consistent… But optimize channel capabilities
  72. Surface at a hotel
  74. Augmented Reality dressing room
  75. Not just a stupid advertising app
  76. Don’t design for user's needs on the website, design for the holistic experience
  77. HOW to start
  78. Use metrics
  79. mechanic s Tools
  80. •Experience Design •Service design •Customer experience •Customer relationship management •Multi-Channel communications •Cross-Channel Marketing •Ubiquitous computing •Design Thinking •Pervasive IA (@resmini) Disciplines
  81. •Field Experience •Service Inventory •Customer Journey Mapping •Experience mapping •Mental Models •Business Origami (@jessmcmullin) Tools and Methods
  82. Wander the halls
  83. Leave your comfort zone
  85. Understand executives’
  86. Listen
  87. Designing a holistic experience means listening holistically: • Usual UX research, but also • Call center • Email queries and feedback • Live Chat transcripts • Social Media • Sentiment Analysis • Market Research • Analytics (behavior) • Store follows/shop alongs
  88. Hang with a new crowd
  89. Make new friends  Marketing • IT, or anyone who can build stuff • Finance • Distribution Center • Customer Service • Innies with outies, outies with innies • Different industries Artists, architects, museum curators, restaurant workers, baristas, landscapers, hotel managers…
  90. Don’t get overwhelmed
  91. You can’t be everywhere at once •Target a channel pair •Focus on incremental progress •Measure stuff •Celebrate (and communicate) quick wins •Get allies to spread the work
  92. Finally… (and this one is hard)
  93. Don’t be grabby
  94. Let go of control • It’s okay when other people start talking about the customer experience • It’s okay when other people try to improve the customer experience • It’s okay if you aren’t involved in EVERYTHING • It’s okay if you aren’t the only one making a difference. Isn’t it all about the customer?
  95. EVERYONE should care about customer experience
  96. Join the Journey
  97. Thank you. Samantha Starmer @samanthastarmer