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IDP Opening Solutions Newsletter


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Isenhour Door Products, Inc. your resource for Commercial Doors, Frames, Hardware, Installation, End User Support, and Access Control

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IDP Opening Solutions Newsletter

  1. 1. OPEN I NG SOLU T I ON S : 2010 Isenhour Door Products: Your Complete SolutionINSIDE THIS ISSUE:NEW FACES OF 1ISENHOUR DOORPRODUCTS, INC.EMPLOYEE 2FORUMCOPING WITH 3-5NATURE’S MOSTPOWERFULFEMA STORM 6-9PRODUCTSSPRINT WORLD 10HEADQUARTERSCASE STUDYACCESS CONTROL 11-13PRODUCTSPRESIDENTS 14CORNER At Isenhour Door Products, we are always striving to be the best by focusing on our custom- ers’ challenges and providing working solutions. What makes us better than the rest? Re- cently, we have added three additional components to our business model that are designed to positively impact your business, whether you’re an architect, a contractor, or a building owner: Aftermarket Sales - A department dedicated to working with end-users and building owners to provide solutions for facility maintenance, key system support, and future project plan- ning. Installation - Staffed with over 20 years of professional door, frame, and hardware experi- ence, our installers will ensure the best function and longevity out of our products through proper installation techniques. Counter Sales - Our counter sales department is designed to facilitate the daily needs of our walk-in customers, providing easy access to make Isenhour Door Products your preferred source for doors, frames, and hardware.
  2. 2. OPENING SOLUTIONS:OPENING SOLUTIONS: Page 2 CHRISTIAN HARBULA: DIRECTOR, SALES CAREY INCE: DIRECTOR, AFTERMARKET SALES Originally from Texas, Carey joined Door Products in December Christian joined Isenhour Isenhour Door Products in September of 2008, after serving in the United States Marine Corps. 1994, and brings 6 years of aftermarket experience to the company. Throughout his tenurehis career in the shop working his way Christian began in the door, frame, and hardware industry, Carey has always enjoyed working with existing facilitythe office end-users, up to Shop Manager and then into owners and as a Pro- and believes that aftermarket support is a vital component to being a ject Manager. Afterwards Christian started pricing jobs complete source for our customers. Carey always looks forward to meeting and developing a loyal customer base. Christian’s suc- customers and talking to them about their challenges and the things we cess stems from a core focus on a customer first sales can do as a company to improve their situation. approach. As Director of Sales Christian leads a team Carey is an avid road biker,representatives overall outdoors enthusi- of experience sales mountain biker, and focusing on all fac- ast that enjoys construction and tenant build out projects. ets of new exploring the great outdoor activities that Tennessee has to offer. . D RR CK SU P A T R IE N P A TLTLO N : N :I R E C T O R O RS EP R O JU R TD O O R IVA D DIRECT , I , NHO EC INSTALLME ON M A N A G E A T IN T S O L U T I O N S Darren Patton joined Isenhour career in a in June 2006 in the Project n 1997 Pat began his Door Products Hollow Metal Shop Management Division but quickly showed his expertise in installation and in Michigan. In 1999 he made theDepartment for Isenhour. repair and was asked to create an Installation move to Nashville to pursue aIsenhour, Darren wasAt that time he also and Hard- Prior to joining music career. employed by Skyline Door started ware in Salem, Virginia as well as Sierra Wholesale Hardware in San Ber- working at Isenhour Door in the shop. Pat worked in nardino, California. He also owned a small business, Patton Construction, every area; welder, deliveries, door machining, keying for several years in both California and Virginia. and fielddeveloped aon doors,doors and hardware over the lastIn Darren has service passion for frames and hardware. 17 years, sometimes viewed as a one-track mind by ProjectHe worked his 2000 he moved into the office as a his wife. Manager way up starting out grinding hollow metal frames, moved up to welding where hethen on to learning the ropes ofof the ground” and frames and worked on many “out installation and even running entire” projects including schools, hospi- the “tenant He has a particular passion to show young men starting in field that they, too, can learn the ropes and make a job into a career. tals, office buildings, churches, and retail centers. In Darren is married to Julianne and has three daughters: Brittney (19), Ra- April of 2008 Pat wasfavorite hobby tofishingDirector of Pro- chel (8), and Elianna (5). His promoted is the and he also enjoys ject Management. family and bikehis team he strives to hunting, camping with his Along with riding. Darrens 17+ years of experience in the doorexceptionalindustry has provide innovative products and and hardware service. been a valuable contribution to Isenhour Door Products, Inc.
  6. 6. OPENING SOLUTIONS: Page 6Weather Any Storm with Curries StormPro 361 “Ask IDP about new industry Products. Let us be your resource for all your opening needs”
  7. 7. OPENING SOLUTIONS: Page 7Weather Any Storm with Curries StormPro 361 “Ask IDP about new industry Products. Let us be your resource for all your opening needs”
  8. 8. OPENING SOLUTIONS: Page 8 StormPro Multi-Point Locking Options “Ask IDP about new industry Products. Let us be your resource for all your opening needs”
  9. 9. OPENING SOLUTIONS: Page 9Corbin Russwin Introduces the FE6800 Multi-PointAuto Deadlocking System for Windstorm Products “Ask IDP about new industry Products. Let us be your resource for all your opening needs”
  10. 10. OPENING SOLUTIONS: Page 10Sprint World HeadquartersLOCATIONOverland Park, Kansas PROJECT OVERVIEW The 200-acre Sprint World Headquarters campus in Overland Park, Kansas, billed as the largest building project in the history of the Midwest, encompasses 20 buildings and 4,000,000 square feet of office space. Maintaining access control on a corporate campus this large requires the right mix of hardware products that not only provide dependable security, but are also built to withstand the daily rigors from thousands of users. The Sprint campus accomplished this objective with a mix of door and hardware products from ASSA ABLOY. PROJECT CHALLENGE The doorway security was initially designed to allow greater access throughout the campus, but was changed in the middle of construction when the 9-11 attacks occurred. Sprint security officials conferred with security consultants Schiff & Associates, the campus architect Hillier, and the project hardware supplier American Direct Procurement toreconfigure the campus security plan. Sprint wanted a system that would provide accountability and requireauthorization for access to sensitive areas.SOLUTIONThe decision was made to tighten access control on the approximately 9,000 openings by using a patented keysystem along with proximity ID cards and electromechanical mortise locks, exit devices, stand-alone lockingdevices and electric strikes. Sprint turned to a number of ASSA ABLOY companies to fulfill its security needs. Amix of CORBIN RUSSWIN electromechanical mortise locks and exit devices in addition to electric strikes fromFOLGER ADAM EDC were hardwired into a centralized computer system. Remote areas and openings thatproved difficult to hardwire were outfitted with CORBIN RUSSWIN Access 800 stand-alone computer-managedlocks. All electromechanical locks—both hardwired and stand-alone—were used in conjunction with Corporate1000 Proximity ID cards from HID. Durability and aesthetics were the main criteria for all other openingsequipped with mechanical hardware. CORBIN RUSSWIN mechanical locks and exit devices were selected inaddition to NORTON 7500 Series door closers and RIXSON pivots and floor closers. All prox-enabled locks wereequipped with a CORBIN RUSSIN Pyramid® keyway, while the remaining locks were secured with a CORBINRUSSWIN patented keyway. Sprint now has a doorway security system with a blend of mechanical andelectromechanical hardware that provides seamless access control throughout the entire campus.SUMMARYThe approximately 9,000 openings at the Sprint World Headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas are equippedwith a variety of CORBIN RUSSWIN locks, NORTON door closers, pivots and floor closers from RIXSON,FOLGER ADAM EDC electric strikes and HID prox cards.PROJECT TYPENew Construction (completed in 2002), CommercialFACILITY STATISTICS20 buildings, 4,000,000 square feet, approximately 9,000 openings and roughly 14,000 building occupantsPRIMARY CHALLENGEAccess controlARCHITECTHillier Architecture
  11. 11. OPENING SOLUTIONS: Page 11 Corbin Russwin Introduces Access 800 AC2 Stand Alone Access Control “Ask IDP about new industry Products. Let us be your resource for all your opening needs”
  12. 12. OPENING SOLUTIONS: Page 12 Corbin Russwin Introduces Access 700 PAC Campus Access Control “Ask IDP about new industry Products. Let us be your resource for all your opening needs”
  13. 13. OPENING SOLUTIONS: Page 13 Corbin Russwin Introduces Access 600 RNE 1 Complete Seamless Access Control “Ask IDP about new industry Products. Let us be your resource for all your opening needs”
  14. 14. OPENING SOLUTIONS: Page 14PRESIDENTS CORNERToday more than ever we are all faced with difficulties due tothe current economic climate. Our company views these daysahead as an opportunity to improve upon our success whileidentifying areas for improvement. In 2011 our organization willcontinue to focus on our core competencies, service excellencecoupled by superior product offerings complimented bytalented, professional , and experienced staff. As we alltraverse the landscape of these difficult economic times I wantto thank everyone that has allowed Isenhour Door Products,Inc. to be a valued business partner contributing to oursuccesses today and in the future.