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Information education and communication


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Information education and communication

  1. 1.    DEFINITION IEC can be defined as ‘an approach which attempts to change or reinforce a set of behaviours in a target audience regarding a specific problem in a pre defied period of time’ Reproductive health and research, WHO
  2. 2.     To change the health behaviour of individuals, family and community To prepare background or basis for change in health behaviour To change the norms of community To facilitate education for audience about public health and to create awareness in public opinion
  3. 3.       To obtain or garner social, political support for health activities Primary health care Prevention of diseases/ control on communicable diseases Reproductive health/ maternal and child health services Family welfare nutritional services Personal hygiene
  4. 4.       It’s a multidisciplinary and client centred in its approach. The approaches of IEC are based upon Diffusion theory Social marketing Behaviour analysis Instructive design Anthropology
  5. 5.  1. Conduct a needs assessment: Set the goal. This is a broad statement of what you would like to see accomplished with the target audience in the end.
  6. 6.   2. Establish behavioural objectives that will contribute to achieving the goal
  7. 7.  3. Identify potential barriers and ways of overcoming them.   4. Identify potential barriers and ways of overcome them.   5. Establish an evaluation plan