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Sap bpc online training uk

  1. 1. SAP BPC / EPM ONLINE TRAINING UK Email: www.magnifictraining. com Contact Us : +91-9052666559
  2. 2.  Magnific Name : SAP EPM10 / BPC 24*7 Technical support  faculty : Real time Experience  Magnific Trainings: is a brand and providing quality online and offline trainings to students in world wide. We are providing best online online training on SAP EPM10 / BPC  We offer investment options to our students, if necessary.  As an institution of learning, we have a strong customer base and a great team of experienced marketing.
  3. 3. Highlights in our training service:  Every faculty has Real Time Experience. Trained Resources placed in countries like Australia, USA, UK, JAPAN, SWEDEN etc.  Any critical issues faced by resource resolved using Team viewer, WebEx . Supporting the resource with Top 100 Interview Questions.  Resume built in best corporate standards according to the job description. We will market the resume for top technology countries. After each week a status exam is conducted.
  4. 4.  offline online trainings are conducted everyday. Weekend trainings for job goes Magnific.  flexible timings in accordance with the resource comfortability. If related to any Tool is upgraded.  Training Technologies is the learner reach gallop.  Online learning has wider geographical access.  E-learning is fast and efficient.  Ability to produce the best content including audio and entertainment included.  Learner can combine education, work and family.  High quality, cost-effective learning.
  5. 5.  We will send the upgraded information via email.  we will develop the Acquaintances with Production, development and testing environments.  Real time scenarios covered accross Software Development Life Cycle.  for every 10 hrs Magnific Training provides One hour catered to resolve the doubts. Explaining bugs and critical issues and development activities 24*7 technical supports sevices.
  6. 6. Magnific Training highlights :  Magnific Technologies is a leading training institute in the online world.  We provide work-based training, including according to your specific educational and technical needs.  We have one excellent center fully operational training.  We provide 24/7 access Server to help our trainees practice exercises and  We offer investment options to our students, if
  7. 7. SAP BPC(BUSINESS PLANNING AND CONSOLIDATION) COURSE DETAILS : SAP BPC OVERVIEW : SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) module focuses on management and financial budgeting and consolidation as well as collaboration through reports and scorecards. Another important feature in it is the predictive forecasting based on historical data. TRAINING OBJECTIVES OF BPC : SAP BPC is designed to empower every user without any skills, you can easily gain access to interact with and leverage financial and operational data for timely and effective decision making. It is a robust, multiuser platform which is totally integrated with Microsoft Excel. Initially leveraging off the power of Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis Services there is now another version that uses SAP Netweaver as its back end database. TARGET STUDENTS AND PREREQUISITES :
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION : What is EPM, BPC, BI-IP Architecture BPC-MS ,NW Release strategy Terminology ADMINISTRATION : Creating Applications and Applying Dimensions Architecture of an Application Explain the Tables, Optimization Options and Compression Loading Transaction Data using a FlatFile Creating a Transformation File Creating a conversion file Introduction to Logic/Calculations Loading and Validating Data Working with BPC for Excel
  9. 9. Developing Reports Developing Input Schedules BPC Comments Book Publication Working with BPC Web Working with BPC for Word and BPC for PowerPoint Advanced reports using multiple EvDRE Creating Custom Buttons and Assigning Macros Advanced Formatting options using Properties Demonstrate Building Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports using EVDRE Demonstrate building a report reading data from multiple applications using EVDRE In-depth study on BPC process flows
  10. 10. PLANNING : Explain the Planning Process Define the planning Model Functional Specifications Seeding the Plan Rolling Forward Forecast Calculations using Script Logic Calculations Using Worksheet Logic Allocations using Script Logic Currency Conversion – Direct and using script logic Competitor Analysis Cost Center planning dry run
  11. 11. ADDITIONAL : Hot Analysis ParknGo BPC Journals BPC Audit Comments Custom Menu Business Process Flows Lab Exercises Project Exercises
  12. 12. SECURITY SET UP : Task Profile Member Access Profiles Users and Teams Work Status Settings Using Standard Data manager Packages Creating Custom Data Manager Packages Automation of Master Data and Transactional Data PRE – REQUISITES : SAP BW Knowledge SAP FICO Knowledge Microsoft Excel
  13. 13. full course details please visit our website Duration for course is 30 days or 45 hours and special care will be taken. It is a one to one training with hands on experience. * Resume preparation and Interview assistance will be provided. For any further details please contact +919052666559 or visit please mail us all queries to