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Santosha Guides Business Plan Presentation


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Welcome to Santosha Guides – “A Touch of Local Experience”
We aim to provide a unique guide that offers a SUN SEA SAVING Discount Card + International
Phone Card and 10 Postcards for only $100 including advertising opportunities in the guide, the
website, our blog and social media pages

The idea is to create a Brand and all the digital platforms, including a smart tablet
publishing where advertisers and travellers can communicate, share their holiday experience and
save with our Travel Discount Card. Vol.1 Mauritius & Rodrigues Island is now complete and we
are eager to get it published, distributed and made available on IPads, Kindle and Smart Phones

We are looking for one silent investor to bring it to life. In mind that this investment will
not only be duplicated in 6 other islands but in aim to be the leading Indian Ocean Island
Destination Marketing Company. We are working towards achieving the Indian Ocean Island leading travel guide and travel discount card

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Santosha Guides Business Plan Presentation

  1. 1. – 1
  2. 2. This is a link to Vol.1 Mauritius & Rodrigues – 2
  3. 3. The Next Indian Ocean Islands –Travel Guide Book Series & Destination Marketing PartnerWelcome to Santosha Guides – “A Touch of Local Experience”We aim to provide a unique guide that offers a SUN SEA SAVING Discount Card + InternationalPhone Card and 10 Postcards for only $100 including advertising opportunities in the guide, thewebsite, our blog and social media pagesThe idea is to create a Brand and all the digital platforms, including a smart tabletpublishing where advertisers and travellers can communicate, share their holiday experience andsave with our Travel Discount Card. Vol.1 Mauritius & Rodrigues Island is now complete and weare eager to get it published, distributed and made available on IPads, Kindle and Smart PhonesWe are looking for one silent investor to bring it to life. In mind that this investment willnot only be duplicated in 6 other islands but in aim to be the leading Indian Ocean IslandDestination Marketing Company. We are working towards achieving the Indian OceanIsland leading travel guide and travel discount card – 3
  4. 4. The Concept, Branding & PartnersThe concept behind Santosha Travel Guidebook is to unify the Travel & Tourismcommunity through a “Brand” they can relate toOnce the Brand is recognised and established we will then be able to network withkey Travel & Tourism Players, build relationships, negotiate vital discounts and collectlocal information to share with all the internet savvy Indian Ocean Islands Travellers &Tourism Partners. After successfully completing Santosha Guides Vol.1- 6, we have a2nd product SANTOSHA TOURS that would offer local personalised tours such ascoastal and scenic drive around Mauritius to start, with the intention to offer licensesto other islandsWe also have a 3rd product which could be interesting for all 3 parties to considerinvesting in (click on link) - SANTOSHA ISLAND is a local Surf Wear Clothing Brand. Wehave granted them the permission to launch a Trademark in exchange of a Billboard,use of office space and stores to sell and market the Santosha Guides & Tours – 4
  5. 5. The Travel Discount Card – Sun Sea & Savings – 5
  6. 6. The Local Marketing & PartnersThe Local Headquaters of SANTOSHA ISLAND & Strategic Billboard in TAMARIN since Jan(2009) – 6
  7. 7. The Aim, Goal & Social FollowersWe are now seeking the “Seed & Working Capital” to establish the “Brand” and “STAUBMarketing” as the next Indian Ocean Islands “Best Travel & Tourism Marketing Partner” toservice both Tourists and the Tourism ServicesOur Aim: To become the Number One Indian Ocean Destination Marketing companyOur Goal: Provide the best ROMI for the Travel & Tourism Players and great local information including an international phone card and discounts (Sun, San & Savings Travel Discount Card) for the TravellersOur Social Followers: 1000’ s of Locals Tourism players including Ministers and the Seychelles President are following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn We also have a Group on LinkedIn – Indian Ocean Island Travel & Tourism Network (Click on Link) – 7
  8. 8. The Immediate Requirements Develop our own smart tablet publishing and market to the IPads and Smart Phones Upgrade our digital advertising opportunity on the website and start the SEO on Santosha Guides and other 15 keywords rich domain name to be on 1st page Produce & distribute 100,000 Guides Vol.1 MAURITIUS & RODRIGUES ISLAND R&D of Vol.2-6 Produce 1Million Postcards +100,000 Travel Discount Card package it with 100,000 International phone card to be included in Vol.1 – 8
  9. 9. The Long Term Goals Set-up SANTOSHA TOURS (Website, Online Booking & Logistics) Market STAUB Marketing Pty Ltd – sSs Productions as an Innovative Tourism Marketing Company and Destination Marketing Expert in the region Secure SME “Key Strategic Tourism Marketing accounts” Develop an exit strategy to sell the Co Ltd when we are well established Invest the ROI from Vol.1 in “Santosha Island Clothing” for an international commercial Surf Wear Brand. The company already has two existing shops Develop the brand as an International Surferwear and Windsurf / Kitesurf Sponsor – 9
  10. 10. The Target Market To create a Travel Guidebook Series, an Internet Marketing Site and Local Tours targeting 10% of 1.2Millions visitors to Mauritius & Rodrigues Island a Year. MAURITIUS TOURISM PROMOTION AUTHORITY is gearing up for 1.5Million visitors to Mauritius by 2015 Why invest in Mauritius? We are the fastest growing economy in Africa with the highest GDP per capita. Last year 200,000 South African, French and UK made Mauritius Island their new HOME Duplicate Vol.1 and apply it to the other 6 major Indian Ocean Islands According to the WTO by 2015, 9 Million tourists will travel to discover the Indian Ocean Islands SG will be ready to provide them with a generic simple to use e-book, hard copy, international phone card, 10 postcards within and a Travel Discount Card (Sun/Sea &Savings) with precious “Local Knowledge”, “Discounts” for Travellers and “Creative Advertising Solutions” for the Tourism Services Published 6 separate Travel Guidebooks: Vol. 1 Mauritius & Rodrigues (Sep2011) – READY TO BE PUBLISHED Vol. 2 Reunion (Jan2012) Vol. 3 Seychelles (Mar2012) Vol. 4 Maldives (Aug 2012) Vol. 5 Madagascar (Dec2012) Vol. 6 Zanzibar (Jan2013)By 2015 SANTOSHA GUIDES will have 6 travel Guidebooks to target the 9 Million Visitors - 10% Penetration. – 10
  11. 11. The Company Vision A one stop shop “Creative Advertising Solutions” for the INDIAN OCEAN ISLAND TOURISM INDUSTRY –including: Sustainable, Eco & Sports Tourism Service Providers – Small to Medium Enterprise with a fair ROMI*Return on Marketing Investment Offer the latest Marketing Tools in Social Media, Digital Tactical Campaigns and key local Billboards on the Islands to further establish “The Brand” Create a “New Wave of Information about Local Cultures, Sports Tourism & Events, and Environmental Issues with the alarming Global Warning” Q’s : The Maldives is sinking does everyone knows when and how long we have left? Santosha is also agreeing in giving back by contributing 1% of the annual turnovers to 1% for the planet organisation - – 11
  12. 12. Unique Selling Proposition & MissionStatementUnique Selling Proposition (USP) : 1 Travel Guidebook with unique local stories, pictures and genuine local tours 1 Travel Discount Card $2000 worth of Discounts & Freebies 10 Postcards 1 International phone card (Rs1000)For only US$100.00Mission Statement :Become the Number Tourism Marketing Company in the Indian Ocean Islands – secure advertisersand assist with their immediate marketing needs “JOIN SANTOSHA GUIDES TODAY TO SECURE A BETTER TOURISM INDUSTRY TOMMOROW”After completion of SG, the next phase is to master the Content Tourism Marketing build blogs forthese keyword rich domains,, (click on link) – 12
  13. 13. The Proposed Action Plan Contract Razor Brand Agency to redesign and develop the strategy to market Santosha Guides to the Indian Ocean Islands (Tactical Campaign + EDM + Website Booking System) Purchase our own Smart Tablet Publishing & develop an Mobile App Set up the Online Competition Win a Trip To The Indian Ocean Islands in 2012 and a digital advertising campaign on Global Distribution System (GDS) including EDM with Razor Brand Agency for a Global Destination Marketing 2012 relocate to MRU to establish a Sales & Marketing Team, direct call cold, generate leads through personal and industry contacts Jan 2012: R&D Vol.2/3 – Relocate to Reunion 3 months R&D, Sales & Marketing & 3 months in Seychelles July 2012: Publish Vol.2/3 Aug 2012: R&D Vol.4 Maldives Nov 2012: Publish 4 Dec 2012: R&D Vol.5/ 6 Madagascar & Zanzibar May 2013: Publish Vol.6 – 13
  14. 14. The Operation S.Staub CEO/ Managing Director Finance Mgr & 1 BDM Solicitor Copywritters – Mauritius, Reunion, 1 Sales/ Marketing 1 Mini Driver for Maldives, Seychelles, Team/Receptionist Santosha Tours Madagascar – 14
  15. 15. Tourist Arrival Forecast by MTPA –Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority Year 1 -2012 Year 2 -2013 Year 3 -2014 Year 4 -2015 No of Tourist Arrivals 1,200,000 1,300,000 1,400,000 1,500,000 1% Penetration 12,000 13,000 14,000 15,000 5% Penetration 60,000 65,000 70,000 75,000 8% Penetration 96,000 104,000 112,000 120,000 10% Penetration 120,000 130,000 140,000 150,000 12% Penetration 144,000 156,000 168,000 180,000 – 15
  16. 16. Short Term Goal – 1% Penetration by Yr1 Year 1 -2012 Year 2 -2013 Year 3 -2014 Year 4 -2015 1% Penetration 12,000 13,000 14,000 15,000 E-Book At $ 4 $48,000 $52,000 $56,000 $60,000 Hardcover + 10 Postcards At $ 45 $540,000 $585,000 $630,000 $675,000HC + Travel DiscountCard/ 10 Postcards & phone card At $ 100 $1,200,000 $1,300,000 $1,400,000 $1,500,000 – 16
  17. 17. Long Term Goal – 10 % Penetration by Yr 4 Year 1 -2012 Year 2 -2013 Year 3 -2014 Year 4 -2015 10% Penetration 120,000 130,000 140,000 150,000 E-Book At $ 4 $480,000 $520,000 $560,000 $600,000 Hardcover + 10 Postcards At $ 45 $5.4M $5.85M $6.3M $6.75MHC + Travel Discount Card/ 10 Postcards & phone card At $ 100 $12M $13M $14M $15M * This Graph is based on 10% penetration of Vol.1 Mauritius & Rodrigues Only - We are gearing up to cover 6 Indian Ocean Islands with a total of 9M visitors by 2015. – 17
  18. 18. Sales Forecast - Vol.1 Mauritius & Rodrigues Year 1 -2012 Year 2 -2013 Year 3 -2014 Year 4 -2015 BASE ON 1.2M TOURISTS TO MAURITIUS 1% 5% 8% 10%E-Book Global Sales $4 $48,000 $240,000 $384,000 $480,000HC + Postcard $45 $540,000 $2.7M $4.32M $5.4MHC + Postcard + TDC+ Phone Card $100 $1,200,000 $6M $9.6M $12M – 18
  19. 19. Vol.1 Mauritius & Rodrigues SalesForecastOption 1- E-Book Only: Yr1- 1% MP 2012: 12,000 x $4=$48,000 Yr4- 10% MP 2015: 150,000 x $4=$600,000Option 2- HC + TDC + POSTCARDS: Yr1- 1% MP 2012: 12,000 x $45=$540,000 Yr4-10% MP 2015: 150,000 x $45= $6.75MOption 3- HC+TDC+ PHONE CARD+ POSTCARDS: Yr1-1% MP 2012: 12,000 x $100 = $1.2M Yr4-10% MP 2015: 150,000 x $100 = $15M – 19
  20. 20. Advertising Sales Forecast Vol.1 (ONLY)Double Page: Rs750,000 $32 608x 25=  Travel Guidebook Vol.1Full Page: x Rs2 Million $86,956100= Advertising Revenue:½ Page: x Rs2.5 Million $108, 695200=¼ page: x Rs550,000 $23, 913  Rs 7.5 Million100= (AUD$328,258)Listing: x 500 Rs 1,75 $76, 086= Million – 20
  21. 21. Web Banner (Top) Rs48,875  Website Revenue Yr1 X10= Rs 488 750 $21, 250  Rs13,738,750 (AUD Web Banner $597,337) (Bottom)Rs22,500x 100 Rs2.25 Million $97,826  Only will apply after 12th month of Sales & Web Logo/Link Marketing and organicRs22,000x 500 Rs11M $478, 260 traffic from – 21
  22. 22. SANTOSHA GUIDES Vol.1 -6 ADVERTISINGADVERTISING REVENUE Yr 1-2012 Yr2-2013 Yr3-2014 Yr4-2015Vol.1 - Mauritius & Rodrigues 328,258 328,258 328,258 328,258Vol.2 – Reunion R&D 328,258 328,258 328,258Vol.3 – Seychelles R&D 328,258 328,258 328,258Vol.4 – Maldives R&D Sales & Marketing 328,258 328,258Vol.5 – Madagascar R&D Sales & Marketing 328,258 328,258Vol.6 – Zanzibar R&D Sales & Marketing Sales & Marketing 328,258WEBSITE ADVERTISING 597,337 597,337 597,337Total 328,258 1,582,111 2,238,627 2,566,885 – 22
  23. 23. Sales Forecast - Yr4 We can estimate with 6 Travel Guidebooks base on a 10% market penetration of 9M Visitors to the INDIAN OCEAN ISLAND at an average sale of HC only: 900,000 x $45= AUD $40,500,000 *Dbl this figure for Option 3 include: HC + TDC + PHONE CARD + POSTCARDS is marketed as the Premium Products + Annual Website Advertising Revenue = AUD $597,337/yr + Annual Travel Guides Advertising Revenue = AUD $1,969,548/Yr GROSS TOTAL = AUD $43,066,885 (Web + Vol.1-6 Advertising) * Not including SANTOSHA TOURS, SANTOSHA ISLANDS ROI*AUD$1 = Rs33.5 (subject to exchange rate) – 23
  24. 24. The Budget RequiredYr 1 - $2,500,000 SEED CAPITAL Launch SANTOSHA GUIDES Vol.1 and R&D of Vol.2-6 ($2M) Set-up SANTOSHA TOURS ($500K) Invest in local partners SANTOSHA ISLAND CLOTHING Get 60% of ROI – Look after his Sales & Marketing, Take advantage of the Surf Wear Global Market USA, AUSTRALIA, INDONEASIA, EU and other Islands (INVESTMENT PRICE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PROPOSAL)Yr2 - $500,000 WORKING CAPITAL Brand STAUB Marketing as Number One Tourism Marketing Co Ltd Develop a new Print & Online Magazine for a major Airline or Hotel Magazine Franchise SANTOSHA TOURS in other Islands, sell concept and give leads Invest in SANTOSHA ISLAND for a Global Surf Wear *Open to negotiationTotal Investment: USD $3,000,000 for a 58% Profit ShareROI - Sales Forecast of 6 Travel Guides Books AUD$40,500,000 in 4yrs (2015)+ Advertising revenue – AUD$2,566,885 *Based on the target projected – 24
  25. 25. Legal & Business Procedures Setting up the SANTOSHA GUIDES & TOURS Co Ltd to be managed by STAUB Marketing Pty Ltd as a separate entityThis includes: The Business Registration, Co Ltd @ The Registrar of Mauritius of Companies Ltd Office setup, vehicle and a minibus and all offline and online marketing Appointment of an Attorney at Law for SANTOSHA GUIDES Annual Book-keeping & business management by – 25
  26. 26. Trademark & Domain Names Business name Santosha Guides & Tours Co Ltd IP Australia & Marcaria Trademark Class 16 (Travel Guide & Calendars) – 26
  27. 27. Overheads: Yr 1-Yr 4 Salaries | Referral | Commission | Affiliate Program Investors Annual ROI & Profits Share Vehicle Purchase & Maintenance Cost of Fleet Running Cost - Licenses| Fuel |Electricity| Phone| Internet Marketing Budget Publishing Cost Vol.1-6 R&D Budget Vo.2-6 1% Net Revenue For The Planet – 27
  28. 28. The Publishing & Distribution Expenditures Vol.1 MAURITIUS & RODRIGUES ISLAND 100,000 Print & Distributed worldwide - $2M 40,000 FREE for a Global Branding to Major Travel & Tourism Players. Sell 60,000 @$45 = $2.7M + Royalties to & (Printing on demand), 20% Commission & Referral Fee to partners = $540,000 TOTAL PUBLISHING & DISTRIBUTION COST: $2,540,000 ROMI =$160,000 – 28
  29. 29. Marketing PlanDistribute & Sell 60, 000 copies: TGR Airport Bookstores Local Hotel Shops Worldwide Libraries40,000 FREE COPIES to Key Players: 3 Best Mauritius Travel Agents (UK, GER, UEA) 3 Main Mauritius Tourism Offices An Airline we would partner with (EMIRATES)Online & Offline Marketing SEO – Microsites (100 Bookmarking) + EDM (2 E-newsletter per months) Local Billboard, Car Signage and Mini Van Signage Advertising in ISLANDER MAGASINE (6th Months) A classified ad in local suburban newspapers will be conducted at selected TGR (Tourism Generating Regions) in Germany, France, India, Australia, South Africa, UK, Italy, China, USA, Canada. GDS (Global Distributions System) Special Offers to drive the traffic from the Travel Agents & Booking System – 29
  30. 30. Marketing Cost Corporate ID, Print & Communication including: Billboard (12x4M) & Local Advertising AUD: 20,000 Office Setup & fittings: Rs50,000/ AUD $1492.54 Monthly Advertising in Islander (Air Mauritius Magazine) – Rs50,000/month = Rs300,000 (6month) / USD $8955 Google Adwords & Search Engine Optimization –Rs335,000/ AUD $10,000/yr Santosha Guides Corporate ID - Rs100,500/ AUD$3000 Website, Social Media Optimizing : Rs670,000/ USD $20,000 1 Minibus (15 places) AUD $40,000 (2nd hand) 1 Company Vehicle AUD $15,000 2 Vehicles Vinyls Logo Ad display: Rs167,500 /USD $5000 TOTAL: Rs 4.135,492.59 / AUD$ 123,447.54 / Yr1 – 30
  31. 31. The Wages & Profit Sharing S.Staub Director – Rs50,000/month (AUD$1492.54/month - $17,910.45/Yr) + 40 % Profit Share Investor 1- Darren Poinen - 2% ROI Investor 2 - 58% ROI Book-keeper - Rs40,000/month (AUD$1194/month - $14,328.35/Yr) Solicitor – Rs35,000/month – (AUD $1,044.78- $12,537.31/Yr) BDM Rs20,000/month + 10% Sale Commission on achieving budget + perks (AUD $597/month - $7,164.18/Yr) Driver 1 Mini Van Rs20,000/month - (AUD $597/month - $7,164.18/Yr) SG Tour Guide – Rs20,000/ Month – (AUD $597 – $7,164.18/Yr) Receptionist/Administration – Rs15,000/month AUD $447 - $5364/Yr) 1% Profit Share for the 1% for Planet.Org TOTAL STAFF SALARY: Rs200,000/month – AUD $5,970 .15 – 31
  32. 32. Company Setup *ApproximateCompany Income Tax: GST on all Travel guide Books sold locally & Santosha Tours All Travel Guide Books sold online and via Tax: TBA according to sales forecastBusiness & Office Equipment: 2 x Mobile Phones: Rs20,000/ AUD$597 1 x Laptop & Printer/Scanner: Rs100,000/ AUD $2,985 Mobile Internet Connectivity Stick: Rs3000/ AUD $89.55 Total: Rs123, 000/ AUD$3671.64Overheads: Fuel: 10,000 x 12 month= Rs120,000/Yr / AUD $ 3.582,09 Electricity: Rs10,000/yr – AUD $298.50/Yr Phone: Rs15,000 Yr – AUD $447.76 Insurances: Rs150,000 / AUD $4, 477.61(Equity, home, business/cars ) TOTAL: Rs295,000/Annum AUD $8,805.96 – 32
  33. 33. The Logistics 1x Toyota 4x4 1 x Toyota Mini Van1x Toyota Mini Van: Rs1.4MMini Van License/Reg: Rs20,000Maintenance: Rs100,0001 x 4X4 Toyota Hilux: Rs 2.4M4x4 License/Reg:Rs20,000Maintenance: Rs100,000Total Vehicle Cost: Rs3.6M /USD $113,432.8Annual Maintenance Cost: Approx Rs240,000/Yr – AUD $7,164.12 – 33
  34. 34. Our Website & Smart Tablet Publishing Redesign our website with the latest digital advertising solution Implement the smart tablet publishing Offer the latest in content tourism marketing in order to reach an online market Implement an online ordering system, promote on social media and via tragetd EDM for SG to be a winning promotional tool Create a series of micro sites promoting and back linking SG to main keywords so we dominate page 1 on within the next 12months. Our SEO Partners and website developers guarantees that when searching the following words on the internet: Indian Ocean Islands, Mauritius, Rodrigues, Seychelles, Reunion, Maldives, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Cheap Holidays, Hooneymooner, Spas, Golfing, Surfing, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Fishing, Diving, Sailing, Snorkeling, Local Accommodation, Attractions & Entertainment our website will show up within the first top web links and sponsored links, which will make us the most visible and visited website from thousands of daily requests – 34
  35. 35. The Author & Contributors Santosha Guides written by Serge Sebastien Staub together with the creative support of the professionals work of: Designers & Web: Ludovic Richard, Dan Bish from WebEcho, David Lagesse & Stephane Chasteaux from Aqua Signs Ltd and CapGraphics Ltd, Sarah, Gennah & Paul from Wildwoodcreative Ltd Editor: Liz Lester of Well Written, Angela Sara West (BBC Travel Writter UK) Images captured by photographs: Ian Regnard from Tungsten, Habit & Legall, Jameel Peerally, Yoann Derunes, Pascal Mamet, Antoine De Maroussem, Ludovic Richard and the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) – 35
  36. 36. Our Partners – 36
  37. 37. Thank You For Your TimeDear Investors,I trust you have enjoyed this presentation and it gave you a better understanding of the ROI opportunity with SG. I have not included theROI on Santosha Tours as this will be a 2nd product after the completion of Santosha Guides Vol.1-6.This brand will lead to greater projects, networks, alliances and clients.I am based in Sydney and currently working with RAZORBRANDAGENCY.COM CEO – Didier Grossemy who is well known in the industry asThe Tourism/Hospitality Digital ExpertRazor has been working with the 3rd Largest Hotel Group “Carlsons Hotels” on their online marketing, daily EDMand Tactical Campaigns. We are currently launching Tasmanian Life – A Lifestyle and Tourism Magazine.We are looking forward to involving RAZOR with the website, technology and using their EDM services.Rest assured once I secure the funds to launch SANTOSHA GUIDES & TOURS I will get at work hard to make sure we are going tobe known and regarded as the Number One Travel & Tourism Marketing Product and Company. Awards will be won so will majorIndian Ocean Tourism Contracts.I invite you to join me on LinkedIn and my group: Indian Ocean Islands Travel & Tourism Network.I look forward to our conversation and a great business partnership with endless possibilities in the near future.Regards,S.Staub – 37
  38. 38. Business ReferralsProfessional Educational Advisers: Mr Louis Geneste - Entrepreneurship Unit Controller Curtin University WA, Australia Mrs Alicia Castillo – CEO Wealthing Group Australia www.wealthing.comMarketing Adviser & Partner: Mr Didier Grossemy – CEO Razor Brand Agency www.razorbrandagency.comProfessional Business Investors Consultants: Mr James Herbert – CEO JMG Wall Street New York USA / PPM editor for SANTOSHA GUIDES Private Angels Investors Mr Farooq Oomerbhoy – Indian Angels Network www.indianangelnetwork.comInvestors: Darren Poinen – Investor ($10,000) | Silent Investor | M: +61 4434 260 887 – 38