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9 ways to use Influencer Marketing


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They say attention is the rarest form of generosity. Mainly because while many clamor for attention, few acquire it. And those that acquire it, sometimes do not even seek it. This maze of attention has several parallels with marketing. In an evolving world of defining influencer marketing, one thing is for certain: influencers are ahead of the game, since they already have the attention of a set audience group. Having defined their existence and ways to search them, its time to see how brands can utilize influencers effectively and creatively.

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9 ways to use Influencer Marketing

  1. 1. @FIGorout @sssourabh ways to use influencer marketing Sourabh Sharma FIG or out Digital Influencer 9
  2. 2. @FIGorout @sssourabh growing old is a given growing up is a choice
  3. 3. @FIGorout @sssourabh if you are not evolving you are dying
  4. 4. @FIGorout @sssourabh “A hipster cousin of celebrity endorsements” New FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines on digital advertising “Native advertising” “Narcissistic tendency disorder”
  5. 5. @FIGorout @sssourabh Identifying Influencers
  6. 6. @FIGorout @sssourabh Why Use Influencers?
  7. 7. @FIGorout @sssourabh Start with an objective, not an influencer 1
  8. 8. @FIGorout @sssourabh Work with authenticity 2
  9. 9. @FIGorout @sssourabh Target product giveaways 3
  10. 10. @FIGorout @sssourabh Tweak a brand’s positioning 4
  11. 11. @FIGorout @sssourabh Influence with a wider distribution 5
  12. 12. @FIGorout @sssourabh6 Promote a product launch or event
  13. 13. @FIGorout @sssourabh7 Make influencers the enablers
  14. 14. @FIGorout @sssourabh Develop campaign material 8
  15. 15. @FIGorout @sssourabh9 Think outside the industry box
  16. 16. @FIGorout @sssourabh creative uses of influencer marketing Sourabh Sharma 9 thank you