Visual Resume-MBA IT-Business Analyst


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Visual resume - Business Analyst, Pre-Sales

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Visual Resume-MBA IT-Business Analyst

  1. 1. Seeking a career in Business Analysis, Pre-Sales & Product Management with an organisation of repute.
  2. 2. A result oriented professional with over 1 year 8 months of experience in IT industry as Business Analyst. I have hands on experience on Product Analysis & Development, With Proficiency in using MS Office Tools & Internet Applications. A Team player with strong analytical, business, technical & interpersonal skills that could be put to good use while interfacing with clients.
  3. 3. Presently Working With… Syntel Pune
  4. 4. …As a Business Analyst With the Healthcare & Life Sciences Vertical Pre-Sales Consulting Project Management
  5. 5. My Main Responsibilities Include… Responding to Proposals, Development of Various Client PoC’s & Prototypes, Business Development, Pre-Sales & Sales Support, Research & Analysis of competitors service offerings & new Trends,
  6. 6. Projects Handled by me are… PDA based Clinical Assistant – Provides an interface to the physician to view a patient’s ECG reports, drug & medication history, current & previous Lab test results & medication orders. Also provides the functionality of image based Lab orders.
  7. 7. Projects Handled by me are… Developed a Financial Dashboard for CFO of Hospitals . Created a Supply Chain Management Dashboard for all levels of Supply chain executives.
  8. 8. Trainings Undergone… Successfully cleared E1 Certification from Syntel’s Healthcare University. Undergone training on IBM RequisitePro. Business Analyst training at Syntel-passed with 82% marks. Internal trainings on Ms Excel, Presentation Skills
  9. 9. I have a… Post Graduate Diploma in Software Development & Management
  10. 10. From… Symbiosis-Pune
  11. 11. Did an in house Project… Blue Mart A Mobile Based Application which uses Bluetooth to interact with the central server. The application can be used on any java enabled phone and can be easily deployed in a shopping Mall. It enables the user to shop in the mall by placing orders directly from the mobile. Project is intended to implement the working knowledge of Bluetooth programming in J2ME and J2SE through Bluetooth socket communication, Database Programming for MS Access in J2SE & GUI programming using Swings in J2SE and using User Interface API's of J2ME.
  12. 12. Completed my Internship at… Developed Internet based applications on the SaaS Architecture.
  13. 13. …Where I Learnt
  14. 14. …Taking Initiative
  15. 15. …Working as a Team
  16. 16. …Innovative Thinking
  17. 17. …Setting New goals …And achieving them
  18. 18. …Defining My Own Path Leading to
  19. 19. …Of the Organization
  20. 20. My Skills include…
  21. 21. …Programming Languages …Database Systems …Other Skills Wireless Toolkit
  22. 22. So if you are searching for
  23. 23. A balanced professional…
  24. 24. Having great interpersonal skills
  25. 25. With the right business skills & …Is up to date with technology
  26. 26. …Who can help your Organization …to scale new heights
  27. 27. You Can Get in Shobhit Khanna Business Analyst Touch With Me Syntel ltd, Pune