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Tie internet


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Tie internet

  1. 1. Explore the impact of digital technologies on your selected industry. ...this question could be considered as similar to... How important is the internet to your selected industry? This is mainly a Marketing & Promotion question – particularly as This is England doesn’t have any CGI effects to write about! Things to write about... •  Official websites (including Shane Meadows) – analyse the feel of the websites •  Marketing campaigns (virals, teasers etc) •  Official trailers and where they can be found •  Discussion boards/Forums •  Google images •  Music and other links (think iTunes store etc) •  Fan sites and social networking •  Global reach – in some countries this was released for downloading without cinema release. Things to consider... The marketing for this film was very limited because of the small budget – which means that there was only one trailer and one poster. The website(s) in this case will have taken on added significance – make sure you analyse the website thoroughly! The use of images, iconography, the music – the overall feel of the website that generates the feel of the movie and sets up the audiences expectations – this can all be done very thoroughly! Look for the film’s life beyond official websites – for example how is the film represented on social networking websites (the movie was released before people were using Twitter!), also look at discussion boards on sites like the IMDB – would these have helped market the film? How did Channel 4 use YouTube to promote the spin off series This is England ‘86?