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Tie genre


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Tie genre

  1. 1. To what extent are your chosen texts typical of their genre? ...this question has also been phrased... How do your chosen texts use genre conventions? There are lots and lots of things to write about regarding This is England for this question – it should be easy! Things to write about... Things to consider... • Conventions & key signifiers •  Iconography •  Storylines, plots • Themes, functions and binary oppositions of the genre •  Image •  Use of dialogue, language, music •  Use of technical codes •  Discussion of Shane Meadows as Auteur vs Genre This is a Social Realist film – remember that these movies are as much about themes and ideologies as they are about visual style. In this case; Racism, Masculinity, Poverty etc They are usually making comments on people and places and in this case particular ideologies in a changing Britain in the 1980s (have you done your background research). There is also a strong visual style in this movie that clearly marks it as Social Realist, naturalistic lighting, real settings, improvised dialogue, (relatively) unknown actors, handheld camera – however whilst these are all noticeable they are used to express the themes! In some ways this film is very stylish. You could use this answer to discuss Shane Meadows own style and the Auteur theory – this is a good counterpoint to genre!