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Sm success


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Sm success

  1. 1. How successful have your chosen texts been? Slumdog Millionaire was a hugely successful movie in many different ways – responses to this question are obviously dependent on how you define ‘success’. In your answer, refer to a variety and don’t just list a bunch of facts – discuss the implications of the successes that you discuss. Things to write about... • Commercial/Financial success (compared to production budget) • Global reach – how many countries, how many screens in each etc • Awards • Critical Reviews • Raising profile of stars/director/issues/genre • Audience responses Things to consider... This film took hundreds of millions and cost a fraction to make – find out the exact figures – use them to discuss the idea of a ‘Blockbuster’. This film was considered a gamble and nearly didn’t get a cinema release – how can this be seen as successful for films that aren’t completely mainstream or conventional in the way that they depict narrative? How did it raise the profile of Bollywood in the western world – what about India in general? Find some excellent reviews and postive fans responses that meet the preferred reading. Find some that are negative and criticise the film – either missing the point or rejecting the film’s values or attempts to engage an audience. What impact has the massive Oscar success had on Danny Boyle, the genre, the stars?