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Sm section b


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Sm section b

  1. 1. MS4: Media – Text, Industry & Audience FILM Case Study: Slumdog Millionaire Section B Section B will always ask questions based on audience and industry issues. For industry these could be about: • Distribution/Exhibition • Marketing/Promotion • Regulation • Background/Context • Production • Global Implications/Impact For audience these could be about • Target and different audiences • The appeals of the texts • The success of the texts You answer two questions on Section B from a choice of four. The questions are usually phrased in a way that combines several of the strands listed opposite. This presentation gives bullet pointed ideas of what you could write about in regards to the film Slumdog Millionaire – this will make up roughly a third of whatever question you decide to answer. Treat them as mini essay plans – the facts and analysis need to come from you!