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Sm narrative


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Sm narrative

  1. 1. How conventional is the narrative structure of your chosen texts? This question will rely on your knowledge of various theories surrounding Narrative structure but will also require you to relate this to other textual issues surrounding Genre, Themes & Ideologies, Representation of characters. Things to write about... •Todorov’s theoryVs Portmanteau storytelling • Reasons why a non-linear narrative have been chosen •The appeals of the non-linear narrative for an audience • How it affects character development •The reasons why this structure reflects the themes • Does it contribute to the film or is it style over substance? Things to consider... This is one story told in multiple flashback and parallel narratives. The audience has to work out pretty quickly what is going on, however this isn’t necessarily anything new. What flashing arrows are there that help us understand what is going on? It could be argued that the reason Boyle has elected to tell the story in this way is purely to keep the Enigma codes being resolved at exactly the right time – a masterclass in pace and editing perhaps? It may also be argued that this non-linear approach is there to remind and reinforce the themes of Fate, Destiny and even the circular nature of Karma. However, the alternative point of view would be that this is a case of ‘style over substance’, that the clever approach to narrative is there specifically to cover over the cracks of a simplistic and generic movie – give both sides of the story and decide which is your own opinion – but make sure you say why! Throughout your response, you must, must, must use evidence from the film!!!