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MS1 Radio Practice Exam2 hours and 30 minsThe extract is a promo advertising the BBC Radio Asian Network. BBC Asian Networ...
These beliefs are certainly demonstrated by the choices of music played throughout the trailer, thegenres range from drum ...
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Radio practice sample answer


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Radio practice sample answer

  1. 1. MS1 Radio Practice Exam2 hours and 30 minsThe extract is a promo advertising the BBC Radio Asian Network. BBC Asian Network is a Britishradio station which broadcasts Asian music, news, entertainment, culture, debate and drama.1.Analyse the opening sequence commenting on• Spoken codes• Sound codes (jingles and sound FX etc.)As a promo for a radio station the sequence fulfils many expectations an audience we may have asto how any station would market itself.The station itself targets what may be considered to be aniche audience however the focus of the trailer is to make audiences aware of just how varied theAsian Network’s schedule is.A dominant technique used is by showcasing the various styles of certain flagship DJs andpresenters.The first is a young woman who is introduced over a series of clips the divide betweeneach is signified by the sound of a slight ring which cuts clips up consistently, which an audience willbecome accustomed to fairly quickly.This first presenter is introduced by way of several clipswhich introduce that her show tackles issues surrounding women’s roles and representations butis also not entirely serious and is generally relaxed and fun.Throughout her trail there is laughterfrom both the presenter and others in the studio gives the impression that the show is unscripted,informal and fun - although some may see this as unprofessional for a radio presenter. It becomesclear that she is taking calls and opinions from the public and it is not clear whether the assertionof:“Asian women should not take part in beauty contests!” is her own belief or that of a caller.Either way it may break some of the stereotypes that some audiences may have of women beingsuppressed in expressing themselves.This bold opening connotes that the station may challengestereotyped beliefs albeit from those outside of the target audience.Other presenters also sound young and irreverent as they discuss politics in a satirical way thatemphasises the youth feel to the station.This is also reinforced by the variety of different genres offast paced music that intersperse the spoken word sections.Each of the presenters chosen have different regional accents that are associated with specificregions of Britain, yet one presenter slips from English into an Asian dialect within the samesentence.This connotes the acceptance of diversity that the station promotes and also reinforcesan ideology that this is not radio station that should be considered separate from British culture,rather that it is one immersed in both British and Asian cultures.One presenter announces to the audience:“We want to hear your views” presumably for a phonein show conventional of radio stations, however this also signifies the pluralistic beliefs of thestation.As is the case with many radio stations, the audience should be just as much a contributoras the presenters and producers.This plurality is further emphasised by the jingle advertising the station.With more than sixdifferent voices, male and female, each contributing to the station’s ident, giving information aboutfrequency and web address before all speaking in unison to give the name of the station, thechannel represents itself as diverse yet unified. Signifying that this is a station which holds theideology that there can be strength in difference if people work as a team.
  2. 2. These beliefs are certainly demonstrated by the choices of music played throughout the trailer, thegenres range from drum n bass to more traditional Asian Bhangra music.Whilst both these genresmay be considered to be associated with a niche audience, there is also a short clip where a DJannounces Rhianna’s Umbrella song which was a massive commercial hit of 2008 and thereforeimplies that the station also caters for more commercial and mainstream tastes.A point that isfurther emphasised through a variety of other pop-cultural references such as ‘Bridget Jones’ and‘James Bond’ the selection of which are often considered quintessentially English and therefore mayhave been purposefully selected to prove the earlier point that the ethos of this station is one ofBritish and Asian cultures mixing rather than clashing.As a station that may exist as part of the BBC’s public service broadcasting remit to provideInformation, Education, Entertainment to all that it serves, it will always be obvious that a promolike this will be read differently by its targeted niche audience compared to a mainstream massaudience. However, the promo does seek to demonstrate that not only is the station itself diverseand grounded in both British and Asian cultures but it also challenges the idea that the audience isas niche as some may suspect - in fact it gives a good account at just how broad and varied theBritish Asian audience is.