New terms and image analysis


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New terms and image analysis

  1. 1. Learning ObjectivesTo develop an understandingof key media terminology To begin to apply key media terminology appropriately
  2. 2. Media QuestionnaireNow tell the person next to you:Your preferred type of mediaA specific ‘text’ that you love and why.A type of media that you never consume.A text that you dislike and why. Introduce the person next to you to the rest of the group...
  3. 3. KS5 NSD What impact does the media have? What would you say was the biggest news event of your life? How did you learn about it? How did you react and respond to it? How did the people around you respond to it? Did it affect people elsewhere? Has it changed the way you look at the world?
  4. 4. What do you understand by the following terms… NARRATIVE With a partner decide on brief GENRE definitions. TEXT INSTITUTIONREPRESENTATION AUDIENCE
  5. 5. What is…Picture A Picture B A young womanAn American Indian An Eskimo An old woman
  6. 6. SemioticsSemiotics or semiology is studying how meaning isconstructed through signs and symbols.Ferdinand de Saussure was a key player inthis area. DOGThe letters D, O and G put together in that order are asignpost which create meaning in the readers mind.Normally we will think of a four legged creature with awagging tail. However, everyone’s image of the dog in theirmind will be different.
  7. 7. SymbolsJust like words have associated meanings so do images. This is obviously a lion! But what ideas are associated with a Lion? In this case the Lion is the: SIGNIFIER The meanings associated are the: SIGNIFIED
  8. 8. Connotations and Denotations Denotation Is the actual meaning of something or a straightforward description of what is shown. Connotation Is the meaning associated with an image or a text due to cultural or personal experience. What are the DENOTATIONS and CONNOTATIONS in this advert?
  9. 9. Icons Both of these people can be considered as ‘Iconic’ but what are they icons of? Analyse elements of the images which reinforce these ideas – look at body language and gesture...
  10. 10. IconsIcons do not only have to be people. The Twin towers andthe attacks on the 11thof September 2001 are often considered as iconic. What do images of the Twin Towers and the attacks signify?