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Android app development

We differentiate Brill Mindz Technologies from other Android App Development Companies in India for our superior UI/UX designs, quality, advancement, customer relations, and client backing and time administration.Android App Development Companies In India

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Android app development

  1. 1. Technology Pvt Ltd. INDIA (Sales Office) BRILLMINDZ TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd #702,2nd floor, 6th A Cross, Above Canara Bank, Kormangala 3rd Block Bangalore 560034 Ph: 080-69999989. Ph: 9538448420. Ph: 9538448421. Email – Web :-
  2. 2. Android Application Development Company in India. The variation of Android is found not just in name but in functionality as well. The demand of Android is increasing and also the application developed on Android Operating System. With its growing demand and varieties Android seems like a box of sweets with variation always offering some unique ideas and concept. If we look into the market survey report from International Data Corporation for 2016, we will find that Android has occupied 86.8% of market share and it is ever increasing. With such variation and predominance in the market the Android Application Development Company in India is open with vast opportunity to experiment, discovers the technical innovations and they have lot to offer.
  3. 3. The Android variety The Android hardwareis mainly built on ARM platform. The features of this operating system is that is has an application framework that enables reuse and replacement of components. It is equipped with Dalvik virtual machine that is optimized for mobile devices. It is a free open source built on Linux, are scripted in Java language. It has integrated browser, which is based on open source Web Kit engine, optimized graphics, which is powered by a custom 2D graphics library; 3D graphics based on the Open GL ES 1.0 specifications. The other features that makes Android an outstanding platform to work upon are SQLite, Media support, GSM technology, Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS navigation, compass, etc. Android provides Software Development Kit (Android SDK). The online software store, which is developed by Google, gives easy access to download applications developed by third party. Hence, the Android users have innumerable games, application and widgets to choose from. There are almost 200000 application developed for Android platform with billions of downloads. Android applications are based on one or multiple components. The components have different roles to perform in overall application performance. This applications manifest requirements like hardware and minimum version on which it will run comfortably.
  4. 4. The innovation in Android With existing variation in Android, the Android Application Development Company in India, have wide scope of technical innovations. The Android App Developers in India have over times developed some praiseworthy application for the platform that has improved the businesses for which the applications were developed. There wide area of experimentation and creation actually encourages the App Developers and hence they are able to make the process of Android Application Development so exciting packed with surprises and new innovations. Following the trend of new innovations, Brill Mindz Technologies being one of the best Android App Developers in India, has developed some ground breaking applications for their clients from India and all over the world. The technical expertise of our experienced Android App Developers has made us come up with some awesome applications that ensure the success of businesses. We follow an organized approach through planning, designing, development, testing and then finally making it alive in the market. We provide continuous support to guarantee that the applications developed by us are having a greater success rate in the market.
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