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391 2011 fallseminar_nancyproctor

  1. 1. From Headphones to Microphones Mobile as Radical Social MediaIn the Museum of the 21st Century Nancy Proctor, Smithsonian Institution 8 November 2011
  2. 2. What is mobile?
  3. 3. Mobile includes both:
  4. 4. In the Museum asDistributed Network… 4
  5. 5. …at least half of the Museum’s platforms are already mobile. 5
  6. 6. So if we want tomeet our audiences where they are And take them some place new…
  7. 7. Mobile is a great vehicle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ILQrUrEWe8 7
  8. 8. New Categories: Mobile Metrics Creating Working Learninghttp://mashable.com/2011/03/23/mobile-by-the-numbers-infogrpahic/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+Mashable+%28Mashable%29
  9. 9. Mobile is a unique mix:of the personal and the social
  10. 10. Mobile is Disruptive Both A new set of tools and platforms for communications, learning and developing and distributing content Photo CC licensed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/
  11. 11. Mobile is DisruptiveAnd also:A fundamentallynew way ofconnecting,collaborating andlearning http://www.queerty.com/smithsonian-not-pleased-with-patrons- bringing-aids-jesus-back-into-the-museum-on-an-ipad-20101206/
  12. 12. The Multiplatform Museum
  13. 13. The Multiplatform Museum
  14. 14. More than multiplatform…
  15. 15. The Museum is a Distributed Network Edward Hoover, 2010, from Flickr.
  16. 16. from Disruptiveto Transformative= Strategic
  17. 17. “You don’t need amobile strategy;you need mobile to bepart of the strategy.”
  18. 18. SI Mobile’s Strategy1. Integrate mobile into everything we do to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts;2. Transform the way the Institution works in order to achieve its strategic goals and vision for the 21st century.Metrics of success: Accessibility, Quality, Relevance, Sustainability and Accountability
  19. 19. SI Mobile’s Vision Recruit the worldto increase and diffuse knowledgeby using mobile platforms to enlistcollaborators globally in undertaking the realand important work of the Institution.Put the Smithsonian not just in the people’s pockets, but in their hands.
  20. 20. The People’s InstitutionLouise Rochon Hoover, James Smithson:"Secretary Henry Posts Daily “for the increaseWeather Map in Smithsonian and diffusion ofBuilding, 1858.” knowledge” The Megatherium Club, a group of young naturalists who collected for the Smithsonian in the 19th C. http ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Megatherium_Club
  21. 21. It’s NOT about the TechnologyFraunhofer Institute, Kunstmuseum Bonn: ‘Beat Zoderer’ exhibition (Listen project) 2003
  22. 22. Falling on deaf ears?Nancy Proctor, ProctorN@si.edu http://picasaweb.google.com/anup.rao/HaifaAkkoIsrael#4954285426665324562Handheld Conference 3 June 222009
  23. 23. Thinking outside the audiotour box “From we do the talking to From Headphones to Microphones we help you do the talking.” – Chris Anderson, Wired, Smithsonian 2.0 Conference, 24 Jan 2009 http ://smithsonian20.si.edu/schedule_webcast2.html12/05/12 Nancy Proctor, proctorn@si.edu 23
  24. 24. NMNH Leafsnap12/05/12 Nancy Proctor, proctorn@si.edu 24
  25. 25. “6 years old & they already see the opportunities here. Thank you for opening the door to the future!”
  26. 26. Smithsonian Mobile12/05/12 Nancy Proctor, proctorn@si.edu 26
  27. 27. Mobile Social Media as ArtHalsey Burgund’s ScapesdeCordova Sculpture Park & MuseumLincoln, MA – until Nov 14 http://wiki.museummobile.info/archives/16082
  28. 28. Stories from Main Street http://storiesfrommainstreet.org/12/05/12 Nancy Proctor, proctorn@si.edu 29
  29. 29. Stories from Main Street http://storiesfrommainstreet.org/12/05/12 Nancy Proctor, proctorn@si.edu 30
  30. 30. A new approach to scholarly publishing?
  31. 31. More about Mobile• http://si.edu/mobile• http://smithsonian- webstrategy.wikispaces.com/Mobile• http://wiki.museummobile.info/• http://tatehandheldconference.pbworks.com#mtogo#SImobile• @NancyProctor, proctorn@si.edu