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380 sspin2011 joemcentee

  1. 1. Convergence journalism:the new rules (and roles)of content creationJoe McEnteeGroup Editor, IOP PublishingSSP IN Conference, 19 September 2011Email: joe.mcentee@iop.orgLinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/joemce
  2. 2. Agenda The headline take  IOP Publishing  A few numbers Multimedia services: one of our big stories – one of your big stories?  Case study: online video journalism  Analytics, measuring success Convergence journalism: 10 top tips Summary and Q&A
  3. 3. The headline take: IOP Publishing A leading international science publisher  For-profit publishing arm of Institute of Physics (IOP), a not-for-profit professional society with 41,000 members worldwide Our portfolio includes…  60+ research journals  High-profile partner publishing programme  10+ magazines, online communities  Specialist education products
  4. 4. Number-crunching: IOP Publishing Headcount  Approx. 300 staff, seven international offices Publishing financials  FY 2010 revenues: £40 million ($65 million); +5% vs 09 Professional-society membership  FY 2010 membership: 41,000+
  5. 5. The headline take: Group Editor My brief covers…  Editorial leadership for online/print journalism teams  Editorial leadership of multimedia content team, spanning online video, audio and webinar services  Customer-research programme focused on e-publishing requirements of research scientists, research libraries
  6. 6. Multimedia services: one of our big stories Timeline looks something like this…  Summer 09: initial R&D investment in editorially led video, webinar, audio  Q4 09: R&D roll-out on physicsworld.com, flagship website of IOP membership magazine Physics World  2010 and 2011: learn lessons, scale-up, rethink editorial/production workflows, transfer know-how to other content teams and product groups
  7. 7. Case study: online video journalism The story so far….  Over 50 video reports published online in past 24 months  Output from 19 separate filming projects – 12 in UK, four in Europe, three in US  Video now an established part of the editorial and production workflow  No increase in editorial headcount!!
  8. 8. Online video: a few rules of engagement Content=marketing  And high-value multimedia content = high-value, high-impact marketing Content with a purpose  Content designed to prompt a response Think viral, think social  Push content to where your potential readers/viewers are spending time online Discoverability is key  Online video – a great way to help people find our products (needle) on the web (haystack)
  9. 9. Online video: harnessing those network effects
  10. 10. Online video journalism: learning by doing The story so far (continued)…  Editorially, we have played to our strengths – i.e. expert commentators, story-telling, A-list contacts book  We have reinforced all of that with specialist third-party expertise (filming, postproduction, training)  Cross-platform marketing opportunities ensure maximum ROI (e.g. the special issue will never be the same)  Bottom line: editors and marketeers have embraced the new world of convergence journalism >>PLAY
  11. 11. Video analytics, business outcomes Video gives you interesting new ways to think about user engagement We have published >50 exclusive videos on physicsworld.com since Sept 09  135,000 unique views to date  500,000+ minutes total view time That means collectively those viewers have spent…  A whopping 348 viewing days engaging directly with our products and services
  12. 12. physicsworld.com e-newswire subscription growth
  13. 13. physicsworld.com: e-subscriber acquisition 2009-11
  14. 14. Promoting journal usage: video as a driver Culture of experimentation – using video to seed viral marketing campaigns Objectives…  Raise visibility of journal special issues or keynote review articles  Drive referral traffic, usage, downloads  A catalyst for content, marketing teams to collaborate on diversified campaigns  Open up new audiences we might not otherwise reach via traditional channels
  15. 15. J Phys D: using video to drive engagement
  16. 16. J Phys B: using video to drive engagement
  17. 17. Industry recognition: physicsworld.com multimedia Best Specialist Site for Journalism, Online Media Awards 2011  Finalists included the likes of Forbes.com, ESPN.com and FoxSports.com Best Editorial-Marketing Collaboration, SIPA UK Awards 2011
  18. 18. Convergence journalism: 10 top tips First up, and most importantly, be clear about outcomes and what constitutes success  Use analytics to monitor, track progress and fine-tune if necessary Secondly, play to your strengths – don’t try to do it all  You’re not the BBC or HBO Thirdly, choose your partners wisely – and to suit your budget  Use your editorial network to source
  19. 19. Convergence journalism: 10 top tips Training is essential, but so is learning by doing  Be prepared to fail, but fail fast, learn, and move on Get started – even if you’re unclear what the service will ultimately look like  It’s OK, you’ll figure it out soon enough Think social, think viral  Get your content out to where your potential readers/customers are spending their time online
  20. 20. Convergence journalism: 10 top tips Lead from the front (of the camera)  Yes, that means you! Give younger members of your editorial teams a voice and a platform  They get all of this stuff, they’ve grown up with it Think laterally  Video as a platform for new product development
  21. 21. Convergence journalism: 10 top tips Redouble your emphasis on the fundamentals:  Hire great people, look after them, train them well, challenge them (and yourself)  Know your readers, viewers and customers (as they are now and where they’re headed in the future)  Customer research – make time for it And one more for good measure...  Joined-up project management is THE critical success factor
  22. 22. Thought for the day From Seth’s blog Existing publishers have the power to change the form of what they do, increase the value, increase the speed, segment the audience, create communities, lead tribes, generate breakthroughs that make us gasp
  23. 23. Thanks for listening… …now over to you for questions And enjoy the rest of the conference