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  • Brief news items (50 words or less, 10 minutes or less to compose) spotlight member news promote awareness of NFAIS and sister association events link to interesting industry reports and presentations Industry event coverage (Varies in length, composition time) Immediacy of publication, no delays in publication Visibility of speaker expertise and industry wisdom Blogger’s expertise applied to issues discussed Book reviews (longest form, 90 minutes or thereabouts) Heighten visibility of titles that might otherwise go unnoticed join in conversation with other readers provide information not otherwise found (interviews with authors, their blogs, videos)
  • The hardware and software are actually the easiest elements. Technology isn’t the issue when you blog. Very easy set-up process on Blogger – 5-10 minutes to verify that the name of your blog hasn’t already been taken 5-10 minutes to select a theme or template to govern the appearance of your blog Compose your first entry and post. Basic WYSIWYG editor, word processing.
  • Time is the truly constrained resource for most people. That said, CEO Dave Kellogg of Mark Logic spends 2-4 hours per week on his blog. He posts between 10 and 20 entries per month. CEO Michael Hyatt of Thomas Nelson Publishing spends 90 minutes on a 1200 word blog entry. (Posts 5-7 entries per month, usually less than 1200 words)
  • Twitter created by Evan Williams, same guy who created the Blogger software Rapid adoption for purposes of communication at large conferences, meetings (South By South West in 2007) Push technology well-suited to informal communication Summize – search tool now owned by Twitter, brought #tags into popularity for gathering together all of the tweets or messages emanating from a conference or associated with a particular panel. SSPTMR2008 as the hatch tag or label for each entry on the TMR blog.
  • Single news item of interest selected from blogs, press releases. Two or three times per week – never more than ten minutes in composing Posted to web site using basic content management system customized for NFAIS organization lacked an RSS feed Dormant now; Archive
  • Use of Google Docs or Open Office depends upon wireless access or free wi-fi Speaker presentations – try to include direct quotes, or just do a summary. Readers tend to drop off after 3 rd paragraph so keep it short If working in Open Office, do a quick cut and paste into Blogger Subsequent edits (fix typos, odd paragraph breaks, enhance with links) The experience of that 3am phone call or “Did I say that out loud?” Cover graphic Title, author, copyright, length, genre Summary (may be used in other setting (LT) Extract Brief quote as indication of reading level, author’s style Additional Feedback Personal reactions Amplify my comments with references to author interviews, blogs, etc.
  • Chrome in particular anticipates future of Web-based applications. (Uses WebKit as rendering engine, emphasizes speed, stability, security) Flock Browser article in September issue of Information Today More tightly integrated functionality RSS reader incorporated into the browser Clipboard useful for cutting and pasting specific text quotes Photos, video bar enables viewing and embedding Integrated WYSIWYG Editor Post to multiple platforms
  • Viral Dissemination via Blogrolls Del.icio.us (social bookmarking sites) Twitter Facebook Blogging Network Other Social Sites (Google Reader Shared Items, LibraryThing, Friendfeed) Measurement Google Analytics (javascript embedded in template) MyBlogLog (javascript embedded in template, owned by Yahoo) Feedburner (owned by Google, RSS feeds)
  • 316 jill o neill presentation

    1. 1. The BloggingProcessJill O’NeillSSP TMRSeptember 6, 2008
    2. 2. What’s The Appeal Communication Visibility/AwarenessA blog is a communication style and a venue as well as a technology – Blogwars, David PerlmutterA good blog is written by a blogger who thinks longer, works harder and obsesses more. – Merlin Mann, http://www.43folders.com
    3. 3. Five Years of Blogging Brief News Items Industry Event Coverage Book reviews
    4. 4. Resources Hardware – laptop, netbook, smart phone (your option) Web access Software – Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad  Social networking platforms (Ning, Facebook, etc.)
    5. 5. How fast do you write? 90 minutes to compose 1200 words (including identification, addition of links and any graphics) 60 minutes to compose 500-600 words 10 minutes to compose a news item (two sentences with a single link)
    6. 6. Alternatively, there is micro-blogging Twitter, Pownce, Plurk, etc. Form of text messaging Post via phone, IM, Web Viral dissemination of personal, local, or national updates
    7. 7. Process News items (50 words or less)  EPS Presentation on UK Scholarly Journals – 10/12/2006 Interesting analysis of UK scholarly publishing situation. Youll want to download the EPS powerpoint presentation from that linked page to get a quick sense of the baseline findings.  Automated Content Access Protocol – 10/10/2006 Geoffrey Bildur over at the Scholarly Information Strategies blog [Rants, Raves and News] has some interesting insights into the announcement last week at the Frankfurt Book Fair regarding ACAP (Automated Content Access Protocol). Definitely worth a read!
    8. 8. More Process Meeting Coverage, Book Reviews  Google Docs or Open Office  Take notes – then compose  Ideally, two or three paragraphs  Post directly from Google Docs to Blogger  Subsequent edits in Blogger
    9. 9. Tools Browsers improving  IE8, Google’s Chrome (beta)  Firefox  Customizable functionality  Add-ons  Flock Browser  Underlying code same as Firefox  More tightly integrated functionality
    10. 10. Gaining and Measuring Readership Traffic comes from:  Google searches  Viral dissemination Measurement  GoogleAnalytics  Feedburner
    11. 11. Thank you!jilloneill@nfais.orgjillmwo@gmail.com
    12. 12. Slacking Off I see things Id like to blog but at least 25+ other bloggers already have covered it. I want to be original but dont trust my writing skills to make a post that doesnt just say me, too! Too often I just share a link or an article instead of blogging it, I guess. The Social Tools are eating away at each other. Work is slamming me. Sometimes I think my poor old brain just cant process enough and there are no hardware upgrades for that particular processor...yet. When Im not working, I am a mom, wife, avid reader and geek. In that order. I still have to sleep. Id stop to do all the things Id love to do in a single day! Posted by Marianne on 8/27/2008 05:34:00 PM